The Bears have a huge decision looming

INDIANAPOLIS – Who said there wouldn’t be games in the NFL this time of year? Sure, the NFL Scouting Combine is mostly about running, jumping, and interviewing, but there’s a lot of “game” going on this week. It’s not one with a scoreboard, but one courtesy of team executives, coaches, agents, and media coming together […]

Jared Greenberg’s rise from the Newark Bears to ‘NBA CrunchTime’

Of all the basketball junkies who approach NBA CrunchTime host Jared Greenberg and tell him how much they love the show, one group stands out to him: referees. “CrunchTime,” which airs on the NBA app on mobile devices and smart TVs, is an “NFL Red Zone” concept applied to basketball, and Greenberg has hosted it […]

Justin Fields reveals why he unfollowed Bears on social media

Justin Fields just needed a break from the news. After rumors circulated that Chicago could move on from him and he unfollowed the Bears on Instagram, Fields downplayed the tactic and said it was just him needing space from the chatter. “Hey, brother, it’s nice to talk about this, like, ‘Why do people take social […]

Justin Fields addresses Caleb Williams rumors, reveals why he unfollowed Bears

It’s one of the toughest parts of the NFL draft season. No, it’s not “QB Hand His Size Day” or “Wonder Rick Score” Day or even “S2 Test Results Day.” No, we’ve reached the “this player unfollowed the team on social media” part of NFL Draft season. Who is the player in question? chicago bears […]

Justin Fields’ trade drama grows as Bears Instagram rumors swirl

Bears fans are speculating that Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears are heading for a divorce after the quarterback appeared to cut ties with the team on Instagram. Social media was abuzz when some astute fans noticed that Fields no longer followed Chicago’s official Instagram account. It’s unclear whether Fields, 24, ever followed the team […]

Bears should learn from Giants’ Daniel Jones mistake: Kurt Warner

As the Bears consider decisions that could set the tone for the entire NFL offseason, one Hall of Fame quarterback’s advice is to learn from the Giants’ recent mistakes. Will the Bears stick with quarterback Justin Fields and trade the No. 1 draft pick, or repeat the decision they made last year by avoiding top-four […]


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