Kerby Joseph is ‘dirty as f–k’ for hit on Tyler Higbee

After the Rams' controversial low hit on Tyler Higbee that resulted in a torn ACL and MCL, Matthew Stafford made it clear to Kirby Joseph:

Joseph, 23, jumped at Higbee's legs and ran into a tight ball as he tried to catch a pass over the middle from Stafford, 35, in the fourth quarter of the Rams' 24-23 playoff loss Sunday in Detroit. End's right knee bent awkwardly.

“Hey! That's a good shot. That's a good shot. But you're dirty as fuck and you know it,” Stafford says in an on-field video with a microphone after Joseph praises the play. I heard you say. “You're dirty as fuck. It's on tape. I've seen it. It's on tape.”

The “tape” Stafford is referring to is a nearly identical hit on Vikings tight end TJ Hockenson on Christmas Eve that also resulted in a torn ACL.

Joseph was not called for a flag on the play in the wild card round, and while it initially appeared that his head made contact with Higbee's knee, the contact was on his shoulder and back.

During the second half of the Lions' 24-23 wild-card win over the Rams, Tyler Higbee was hit by Kirby Joseph. USA TODAY Sports (via Reuters Con)
In the second half of the Lions' wild-card playoff win, Tyler Higbee was hit by Kirby Joseph. Getty Images

He defended his actions towards X after the match.

“Everything is serious…. This game we play is very dangerous…. I am praying for my brother and his family. I do not intend to harm anyone’s body or harm their career. I have been a dog since I came out of my mother's womb, and I am your nun here, take it away from me,” Joseph wrote.

The Lions, who won the playoffs for the first time in 32 years, protected Joseph.

Fellow safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson even blamed Stafford for the injury.

“If you feel like someone on the Rams is dirty, tell the quarterback not to put the ball where a player could get hurt.” Gardner-Johnson told reporters. After the match. “you hear [Tom] Brady says that all the time.

“Well, Kirby is a baseball player. Kirby has been doing that before I got here and ever since I've been here. Like I said, you don't want your quarterback to cause injuries or disruption to his players. Then don't put it where our safeties play.”

Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford took issue with Kirby Joseph's hit on Tyler Higbee. Getty Images

Lions coach Dan Campbell was quick to back his safety when asked about accusations that Joseph was a dirty player.

“That's how we play football here. Just keep your head up and see what hits,” Campbell said in a press conference Wednesday. “That's what I always tell Kirby: Keep your eyes up so you don't hit the top of the helmet. …Let's see what hits you. No, he's going to aim for the thigh board. , off the top of my head. That's how we play defense here – not dirty, that's just where we hit.”

According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, Higbee, 31, “faces the challenge of being ready for the start of next season.”



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