Landry Calls for College Athletes who Skip Anthem to Risk Scholarships

Gov. Jeff Landry (R-Louisiana) on Tuesday called on university boards to implement policies that would put student-athletes at risk of losing their scholarships if they don’t sing the national anthem.

Landry’s call came a day after the Louisiana State University (LSU) women’s basketball team lost to Iowa State in the Elite Eight, and the players did not attend the “Star-Spangled Banner” performance of the national anthem.

“My mother coached girls’ high school basketball during the height of desegregation. No one has more respect for this sport and for coaches.” [Kim] Mulkey. But beyond our respect for that game, there is a deeper respect for those who protected us and united us under one flag. ” Landry wrote in a post about X.

“It is time for all college boards, including the Regents, to implement a policy requiring student-athletes to attend the national anthem or risk their athletic scholarships. It’s a matter of respect that needs to be instilled,” he added.

As Breitbart News pointed out, Baton Rouge Proud sports reporter Chessa Bouche I have written “LSU never took the court for the national anthem during Monday’s game,” the post read.

Speaking to reporters after LSU’s 94-87 loss to Caitlin Clark’s Hawkeyes, Mulkey said he unintentionally missed the national anthem while the team was going through its pregame routine. .

“To be honest, I don’t even know when the national anthem was played. We have like a routine where we sit on the floor and get off the floor at the 12 minute mark. I don’t know… We go into the game and do our pregame stuff. I’m sorry…listen, that wasn’t done on purpose,” she said.

Many X users reacted to Mulkey’s postgame reporter video, arguing that her team’s “routine” should take a backseat to watching the national anthem.



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