GOP lawmakers warned Mayorkas about crime risk from Venezuelan illegal immigrants but never got a response

Fox’s first appearance: Republican lawmakers warned Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about the crime risks associated with illegal Venezuelan immigrants crossing the southern border about a year and a half ago, but received no response, Fox News Digital reported. Understood. In September 2022, Republican Representatives Troy Neals of Texas, Byron Donald of Florida, Lauren Boebert […]

Vladimir Putin’s Nuclear War Risk Warning If West Escalates Ukraine Conflict

Western countries have repeatedly criticized Putin for what they see as reckless use of nuclear rhetoric. Moscow: President Vladimir Putin warned on Thursday that there is a “real” risk of nuclear war if Western countries escalate the conflict in Ukraine. In a defiant speech in Moscow, the Russian leader said his own soldiers were advancing […]

Eye products sold at Walmart, CVS could pose infection risk

Eye ointment products sold at CVS and Walmart stores nationwide are being recalled due to the potential risk of infection, federal health officials said. Brassica Pharma Pvt. The company announced the recall after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found a “lack of sterility assurance” at its manufacturing facility, according to a notice posted on […]

Toyota recalling 381K Tacoma pickups over axle issue raising crash risk

Barron’s Roundtable panelists discuss Toyota’s stock price, which hit an all-time high this week, and the impact of the EV slowdown on Ford and General Motors. Toyota Motor Corporation announced Tuesday that it will recall approximately 381,000 vehicles. toyota tacoma Pickup trucks address the issue of parts falling off the rear axle, which can affect […]

‘Reproductive Freedom’ Is at Risk in Second Trump Term

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-Mich.) said on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday that former President Donald Trump’s prospects for a second term put “reproductive freedom” at risk. Anchor Dana Bash says, “Let’s start with the IVF question. Republicans are moving quickly to distance themselves from the Alabama Supreme Court’s controversial IVF decision. Alabama’s Attorney […]

Caleb Williams is taking big risk going into NFL Draft without an agent

A big part of being a top athlete is knowing when to call your shots and go it alone. Caleb Williams did that before the NFL Draft. It was revealed this week that Williams intends to go through the pre-draft process without an agent on his side.. This is a risky move to protect his […]

Volkswagen, Audi to recall over 261,000 vehicles to fix fuel leak, fire risk

See what’s being clicked on Volkswagen is doing a recall The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said Thursday that more than 261,000 vehicles in the U.S. and Canada have a problem with a suction jet pump seal in the fuel tanks of these vehicles, causing a leak and creating a fire hazard. announced […]


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