Last image of jogger Samantha Murphy, missing for four days in Canadian State Forest, released

The last images of a Victorian mother have been released following a frantic police search for a jogger who disappeared four days ago.

Samantha Murphy, 51, left her home in Eureka Street, Ballarat East, at around 7am on Sunday but did not return, putting her health at risk as temperatures across the area rose to 36C (96.8C). concerns have increased.

The three-second clip shows Murphy driving northeast on Eureka Street at 7:16 a.m.

She told her husband she was going on a regular 20km (12 mile) run through Canada’s National Forest, but she hasn’t been seen since.

Investigators asked residents in the area of ​​Eureka Street, Warrenhype Road and Yankee Flat Road to check their surveillance camera footage between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m.

At around 12.30pm on Wednesday, officers searching a bushland footpath near Wuwukalun Regional Park discovered an “object of interest”, which police later removed.

Police are asking for public assistance in locating Murphy. victoria police

“Items found during the search for Samantha today have been assessed and are not believed to be related to her whereabouts at this time,” police said in a statement.

Murphy’s husband, Michael Murphy, arrived at the dirt road entrance to the state forest shortly after the items were discovered and immediately called police.

Murphy did not appear to get out of the car and was only at the scene for a short time before driving off.

Murphy left the house Sunday wearing running gear. victoria police

Local resident Don Crouch raised concerns Wednesday morning about unusual features in the forest.

“That’s the biggest concern, that in some places there are abandoned mines that are not very visible,” he told Nine.

Ms Murphy’s husband told the Herald Sun that his wife runs in the area every day, but as time went on he became worried.

“It’s just up in the air, we don’t know,” he said.

CCTV captured Murphy walking past a house in Ballarat. victoria police

“At the end of the day, it’s just a matter of time.”

A massive search operation involving local police, canine squads, mounted squads and air wing personnel is now in its fourth day.

State Emergency Services, Bushfires and Fires Victoria and Parks Victoria staff are also participating in the search.

Police and her family are concerned for her welfare because of Sunday’s heat and the “unusual” nature of her disappearance.

“Obviously, it was a hot day yesterday… there’s definitely an increased risk because of the heat,” Acting Inspector Lisa McDougall said Monday.

“It increases the urgency of our search and obviously we are considering the fact that it impacts someone’s health.”