Law enforcement say an increase in US highway shootings is causing more problems nationwide

Shootings on interstate highways are on the rise across the country, and aggressive driving is a big reason for that.

Although the issue is receiving increased attention, police say it is not easy to solve.

“You have a recipe for some real, real challenges,” said Washington State Patrol Trooper Chris Loftis.

Washington State Patrol says highway shootings are on the rise, but they’re hard to prevent.

Chicago highway shootings continue to soar despite $12.5 million grant and federal intervention

Highway shootings are on the rise across the United States. (Fox News)

“Highways are dangerous enough without something like this,” Loftis said. “It makes patrolling and response more difficult. And it makes investigations more difficult.”

Law enforcement agencies say many of these shootings are caused by aggressive driving and the reaction of other drivers.

“When you have a situation where people’s behavior changes in terms of how they operate their vehicles,” Loftis said. “And people’s behavior changes in terms of how they respond to aggression. You layer that with more people, more cars.”

California motorists caught in the crosshairs amid alarming trend in highway gang shootings

Last year, Washington state, California, Wisconsin, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Florida reported an increase in highway shootings.

More states are reporting highway shootings

Since the beginning of 2023, mass shootings on highways have been reported in various places. (Fox News)

“The number is far too high,” said David Reich of the National Traffic Safety Foundation.

The best advice for drivers is to drive carefully and avoid aggressive drivers.

1 dead, 1 injured in California highway shooting

“If at any time you see someone driving aggressively, try to stay away from them,” Reich said. “It’s human nature to want to lash out at that guy or do something to get revenge. But it’s not worth it.”

The Washington State Patrol is fighting back by adding more officers.

Lack of police makes it difficult to stop shootings

Police say a shortage of police officers is making it difficult to prevent mass shootings on highways. (Fox News)

“We definitely focused on patrolling and concentrating our patrol forces in certain areas,” Loftis said. “Especially since we’re seeing so much.”


A shortage of police officers also makes it difficult to control such shootings.