OpenAI nixes team focused on risk of AI causing ‘human extinction’

Less than a year after it was founded, OpenAI has discontinued a team focused on the risks posed by advanced artificial intelligence. And an outgoing executive warned Friday that safety “has taken a backseat to shiny products” at the company. According to a blog post, the Microsoft-backed ChatGPT maker has been tasked with creating safeguards […]

NHTSA Launches Investigation of Google’s Waymo over Self-Driving Cars Causing Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says Google’s Waymo self-driving cars can cause major problems on the road, including crashing into stationary objects and ignoring red lights. ars technica report Google’s Waymo is facing scrutiny from the NHTSA over potential safety risks with self-driving cars. The Office of Defect Investigations (ODI) is currently investigating […]

Barge strikes Galveston bridge, causing oil spill, power outage, and traffic shutdown

a barge After colliding with the bridge connecting Galveston and Pelican Island, it caused major disruption for people in the Galveston, Texas, area, leaving people stranded on the island and briefly losing power. “Approximately 11 miles of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway had to be closed due to an oil spill from a barge.” Just before […]

UK to introduce new offence of causing death or injury by dangerous cycling | Cycling

A new offense for dangerous, careless or imprudent cyclists causing death or serious bodily injury will be introduced. The law will be amended after an agreement was reached between the government and former Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith, whose amendments to the Criminal Justice Bill were backed by 37 fellow Conservative backbenchers. was. Duncan […]

Solar storm crippled GPS equipment, causing headaches for farmers

See what’s being clicked on A huge solar storm hitting Earth caused severe technological disruption for farmers in the United States and Canada. While magnetic storms have lit up the night sky and made spectacular aurora borealis visible in many states, the natural phenomenon has also left many farmers using their tools to steer […]

Large barge crashes into Texas bridge causing partial collapse

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Who is Roaring Kitty and why is he causing a GameStop stock surge?

Shares of GameStop, the struggling video game retailer at the center of 2021’s meme stock frenzy, are soaring again following the resurgence of “Rolling Kitty.” Roaring Kitty, legally known as Keith Gill, posted on social media this week for the first time in nearly four years, sparking another jump in the stock price. His return […]

Russian court says US soldier charged with theft causing ‘significant’ damage

A Russian court has announced that US soldier Gordon Black, who is being held in the Russian city of Vladivostok until July 2, has been charged with theft causing serious damage. Black’s detention, which the Pentagon says traveled to Russia without permission, is a new diplomatic headache for the United States, which has warned Americans […]