Spirit Airlines and Air Canada grapple with technical issues causing flight delays

Spirit Airlines and Air Canada on Thursday are working through technical issues that have delayed some flights. In its first tweet, Spirit said the technical issues it was dealing with affected its website, app and airport kiosks. In a tweet around noon EDT, they said the network issue between third-party services had been resolved. According […]

Jane Fonda says ‘White men’ and racism are causing climate crisis

(Photo Credit: Andreas Lenz/Getty Images) Brooke Mallory of OAN12:07 PM – Sunday, May 28, 2023 During a debate at the Cannes Film Festival recently this year, Jane Fonda blamed racism and white men for climate change, and said that without patriarchy there would be no environmental crisis. . advertisement “This is serious,” she said Saturday. […]

Under the EPA’s watch, unchecked insecticides are causing another ‘Silent Spring’

In the early 1990s, the agrochemical industry released neonicotinoidsa new class of neurotoxic pesticides admired As a “milestone in pesticide research”. Neonics, for short, was declared safer and more effective in selectively killing insects, while harming birds and other vertebrates.they were seen by many As an improvement over more persistent pesticides such as organophosphates and […]

Crazed driver arrested for barreling past Vatican gate, causing security scare

The insane driver broke through the Vatican gates with his gun, and armed guards opened fire and arrested him upon reaching the palace courtyard, according to the Holy See. The driver rushed to the scene on Thursday night and Vatican gendarmes fired one shot into the car’s front tire, according to the Vatican Press Office. […]

More Americans Say Inflation Is Causing Financial Hardship

The popular Wall Street notion that inflation is in the rear-view mirror does not reflect the experience of a growing proportion of American households who say they feel financially burdened by inflation. Sixty-one percent of Americans say recent price increases are causing financial difficulties for their households, up six percentage points from the last survey […]

3 in 5 Americans now say inflation is causing financial hardship: poll

According to the latest polls, three in five Americans now say inflation is causing them economic hardships, with inflation slowing since late last year despite declining inflation in recent months. It has increased. Gallup poll released Thursday Indicated Sixty-one percent of respondents said recent price increases were causing severe or moderate economic hardship, six percentage […]

Mexico says Texas truck inspections at border causing freight shipment delays, millions in losses

McAllen, Texas Mayor Javier Vilalobos takes issue with DHS Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas’ claim that immigrant encounters have dropped by 50% since Title 42 ended with “Kennedy.” Mexican government officials said Monday that re-inspections of trucks at the Brownsville-Matamoros intersection in Texas are causing delays in cross-border freight shipments of between 8 and 27 hours. In […]

Tech CEO explains what’s causing mass layoffs

Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola talks about the success of his tech company at the “Big Money Show”, touching on labor costs and AI development. A CEO is in hiring mode despite the tech industry’s massive layoffs over the past year. Fred Voccola, CEO of Miami-based software company Kaseya, told Tuesday’s “The Big Money Show” why […]