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Legacy Media Misses Another Culture Moment

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This one was easy for them to grab as it was on Bill Maher’s February 16th show (Real Time). Maybe the Legacy Media is no longer glued to whatever Mr. Maher says. Recently he has made comments which might induce graduates of “prestigious” journalism schools to light their hair on fire. This vignette was of major significance but not worthy of their mention. Leave it to the right-of-center media “heathens” to grab it for what it was – a true moment.

Maher had two guests as he typically does for his panel. One was Van Jones, who is a darling of the Left with his charming demeanor. The other was the ultimate villain of the Left (other than the Orange Man), Ann Coulter. Ann is edgy, but she doesn’t do it in a cavalier manner. She states what she thinks, and it is always well-researched. She was in the proverbial lion’s den where Maher’s live audience undoubtedly saw her as the devil incarnate. She didn’t flinch.

The hatred toward Ann is something that I witnessed firsthand. She did deep research into information from the vaults in Russia as Communism fell. Lo and behold, she discovered that quintessential “bogeyman” Senator Joe McCarthy was actually correct about many of the people he accused of being Communist shills. I mentioned that at a small breakfast I attended 20 years ago with Senator Susan Collins (R-ME). She promptly shut me down for even invoking Ann’s name. Damn the facts if they come from Coulter.

Maher began discussion about the disgusting violence during the Kansas City Super Bowl parade. He said, “as of this time we don’t know who the shooters are.” Ann immediately jumped in and said, “We have some idea. If it were a white male shooter we would know.” Van Jones smirks at this and then Maher says again we don’t know. Ann then states, “That is how we know it was not a white male.” Maher replies, “Do you think they are repressing that reporting?”

Ann then goes on to state two major instances where the nature of the shooter was not mentioned. Knowing Ann, if she were in front of her computer, she would have listed a dozen incidents just as a teaser for a column. Maher then interjects and says as of Friday night February 16th we don’t know and then makes a snarky comment. He says to Ann, “You know, you have special powers.”

No Mr. Maher. Unlike you, Ann has just been paying attention. And twelve hours later Ann was proved absolutely correct. It was underage black kids who broke existing gun laws to get access to the guns that caused this deplorable incident. And then later in the week a couple of adult blacks were identified.

Why is this such a major event and why was I so charged by it?
I have been tracking this issue for years. A white guy will immediately be branded as a “white supremacist” or now the added “MAGA” white supremacist. I cannot tell you how many times I have been reading about gun related events and turned to the Beautiful Wife and asked if she had read about this event and/or seen any info on the shooter. BW says she hasn’t seen any info on the culprit. It turns out days later or even longer it is one of a protected class who did the shooting – and that could mean a woman, black, gay, trans or Muslim. It has happened so often that if not readily shown, I say to her “Well, we know it ain’t a white guy.”

The question then becomes why neither an intelligent guy like Maher nor Mr. Jones were aware of this dark hole in the government’s and press’ reports. Willful ignorance? The fact that this is especially common is so bewildering because of the perverse interest in the shooters’ identities and motives. For example, news organizations were for ages chasing a motive for the Las Vegas shooter (you know, the guy who broke a couple windows in a hotel tower and shot at hundreds of people) and were baffled that they could not report one.

That perverse interest in a shooter and their motive amazingly dies when it is not a white male. Why would anyone want to protect the source of a mass shooting because of their gender, race, or religion? How can we stem the source of mass shootings if we are unwilling to challenge anyone other than white males? The harm this does to our society is incalculable. We are a society that repeats over and over and over we must have equal justice under the law and then we have our national press carping about mass shootings and gun laws but ignoring the sources of mayhem if it is a favored group.

Ms. Coulter and I are not the only ones to have noticed this trend. When flushing out the idea for this column and discussing this problem, people’s eyes light up and they state they had seen the same thing.

Ann is the first to bring it onto the national stage. We should all be told what the facts are regardless of where they lead us. We know the national press has this perverse attitude toward supposed “white privilege.” This is one domain where this perversion should not enter the equation.


This article was published by Flash Report and is reproduced with permission from the author.

Image Credit: YouTube screenshot Bill Maher show


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