Meta To Stop Paying Australian News Media

We use Facebook News in Australia and have no plans to renew our contracts with news publishers. (File) Sydney: Facebook’s parent company Meta said on Friday it would no longer pay media fees to Australian media companies, with the government warning the company was “in default” on past commitments. Meta expands its global withdrawal from […]

Justin Trudeau whine about loss of faith in mainstream media

It’s no surprise that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is upset that people are losing trust in mainstream media. Because it means he is losing control over his story and, by extension, his people. Dave Rubin plays a clip of Trudeau explaining his fears. “There are deliberate attempts to undermine the mainstream media. There are […]

DANIEL MCCARTHY: Bad News For The Media Isn’t Always Good News For Conservatives

Bad news to the media often feels like good news to conservatives. So word that Vice and BuzzFeed are laying off hundreds of journalists, weeks after Messenger’s complete collapse, is unlikely to evoke much sympathy on the right. Again, it’s not just conservatives who are against today’s news industry. Gallup found last year that only […]

can’t guess detail the mainstream media omitting Laken Riley

A 22-year-old student was murdered on the University of Georgia campus by a 26-year-old illegal immigrant, and mainstream media is exposing the truth. Student Laken Riley was out for a morning jog when he was allegedly kidnapped and murdered by Jose Antonio Ibarra. But in the stories that publications like the Associated Press have published […]

Google hit with $2.3B lawsuit by 32 media groups

Google was sued Wednesday for $2.3 billion by media giant Axel Springer and 31 other publishers, alleging that the search giant’s digital advertising practices have cost them millions of dollars. The group’s move, which includes publishers from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain and Sweden, comes […]

The left took over mainstream media. Now Soros is buying out talk radio.

Part of my job is to let you know where we’re heading and how fast we’re going there. Let me introduce you to a very concerning 3-mile metric. Last week on my radio show, I said that Soros Fund Management, run by billionaire George Soros and his son Alex, was trying to take control of […]

From hipster hype to financial flop: Vice Media, RIP

In the end, Vice Media was nothing more than a hipster pyramid scheme preying on the elderly. Last week, the company announced it would lay off hundreds of staff and stop publishing content on Following last year’s bankruptcy filing, CEO Bruce Dixon said it was no longer “cost-effective” to distribute its own content and […]


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