Magazine Pans Taylor Swift’s ‘Tortured Poets’ Album Anonymously to Protect Author from Feral Swifties

paste A scathing review of Taylor Swift’s new album. tortured poet sectionunsigned to protect the author from the pop star’s rabid fans.

“Editor’s note: As of 2019, this review does not have a byline. paste After reviewing “Lover”, the author received threats of violence from readers who disagreed with the work. ” paste wrote in an X/Twitter post on Friday, sharing the magazine’s review of Swift’s latest record.

The magazine added: “We value the safety of our staff more than the names attached to our articles.”

of reviewThe headline proclaims, “Taylor Swift Strikes Out.” tortured poet project. The article’s byline simply says, “Please paste staff.”

The gist of this review, which gave this album a score of 3.6 out of 10, is summed up in the opening sentence: “Sylvia Plath didn’t stick her head in the oven for this!”
especially, pasteAccording to the magazine, this article is the only “negative” review of Swift’s album “The Tortured Poets Department” to date. metacritic.

Two “mixed” reviews of Swift’s album have come out from major publications. One is as follows. new york timesand by another new musical express (NME).

of new york times Review Too Much Filler in Swift:

Sometimes the album returns to its original form. Her first two songs are a powerful reminder of how viscerally Swift can evoke the flushed excitement of a doomed romance. — Great poets know how to condense, or at least edit. “Department of Tortured Poets”‘s sharpest moments would sting even more without the extras, but instead we’re left with clutter while Swift holds an unlit match.

NME wrote that TTPD pales in comparison to his previous work. “Ultimately, this record contains some of the truly interesting stories that have punctuated Swift’s career thus far, from the lyrical brilliance of her excellent breakup album Red to the energetic pop turn of 1989.” “Change is lacking,” the review said.

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