Man Sets Self on Fire in Front of Trump Courthouse Live on CNN

[WARNING: Disturbing Content]

A man self-immolated outside a Manhattan courtroom Friday as CNN live broadcast footage of jurors being seated in former President Donald Trump’s trial.

Anchor Laura Coates said: “There’s a man who literally set himself on fire. A man just flaunted himself outside the courthouse. Our cameras are on this time. We set ourselves on fire. Outside the courthouse in Manhattan, we are waiting for history to be made. The entire jury is gone. We have scars all over our bodies today. We observe an injured man. We see multiple fires forming around his body and person. We see an arm fully engulfed in flames. There’s chaos and it’s happening, and people are looking out across the courtyard and trying to get help. There is a man who is

She added, “We have a member of our security detail. The NYPD is rushing to the scene. They’re about to come. Police officers are on scene. Right now. A fire extinguisher has been applied to this man and they are trying to put out the fire… People are separating the public and trying to get over the barricade to put out this man’s flames. He has now self-immolated in front of the courthouse. We are looking at the flames… I can smell something burning in the air. I can smell some kind of chemical burning as well as an accelerant to put out the fire… I can smell an actual fire extinguisher on display.” Coates continued to report what he saw at the scene.

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