Marine Corps veteran says he was beaten by gang of thugs who yelled racial epithets in front of Chicago grocery store

The Marine Corps veteran said he was beaten by a group of at least eight people outside a grocery store in Chicago’s South Loop, Illinois.

Kevin Chin is Media Briefing He was knocked unconscious during the assault and suffered injuries to his head and body. Chicago Police confirmed that they responded to the assault around 11:30 pm on May 21 near the intersection of Roosevelt Avenue and South Wabash Street.

“Given what has happened and what has been said, there must be a large racial component to it.”

Chin, who is Chinese American, said the attackers yelled racial slurs during the argument, that no belongings were stolen during the attack and questioned the attackers’ motive.

“Obviously, I’m a little bit worried given the gravity of the situation and the fact that I was attacked by eight or nine people,” the 41-year-old said.

Qin said he went to the store to buy ice cream and when he was leaving he walked around a woman who was leaving with her shopping card, after which the woman allegedly punched him and a group of men attacked him.

“Given what had happened and what had been said, I thought there must have been a strong racial element to this,” Hata said.

He added that his military training helped him protect himself from the group of attackers, but he fears others may not be able to do the same to protect themselves if the attackers are not brought to justice.

“Basically what happened was very tragic and something I thought would never happen in my life,” Hata continued.

“They know there will be no punishment, just a light punishment.”

He also said the area where he was attacked was a crime-prone area.

“There were a lot of people hanging out in the parking lot, smoking cigarettes, taking drugs and drinking alcohol, and sometimes fights even broke out,” Hata said.

He also said lax prosecutions enable and embolden criminal activity.

“The people who commit these crimes know that there will be no punishment. They will only receive light punishment,” Qin concluded.

A spokesman for the grocer said they are cooperating with police and have provided them with surveillance camera footage of the incident.

This is WGN-TV News Report We bring you an interview with Mr. Qin.

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