CEO of grocery chain sounds alarm over the ‘dumb things’ US government is doing

Red Apple Group Chairman and CEO John Kasimatidis joins ‘Morning with Maria’ panel to discuss April CPI report release, economic implications, Federal Reserve Discuss system response. The chief executive of New York City grocery chain Gristedes has warned of all the “silly things” the government is doing as inflation continues. When FOX Business host Maria […]

Activists try to bully popular grocery store Publix into writing ‘trans’ on cake — store’s corporate office eventually caves: ‘Our associates should have fulfilled your request’

Left-wing activists in Florida bullied the headquarters of a popular grocery store chain that employees “should have written the word ‘trans’ on their cakes, even though they were reluctant to take a stand.” ” and won a small victory. about this issue. ” 2 on April 26th co-founding member Groups from Peer Support Space, an […]

California Vons grocery clerk fired after being assaulted three times

A California man was fired from his job as a grocery store waiter after being assaulted three times in four months. Austin Sherrell, 23, said he had been assaulted three times since the beginning of the year, had his work hours reduced after seeking workers’ compensation, and was later fired from Bonds, a supermarket chain […]

Stew Leonard, founder of famous grocery chain, dies at 93

Stew Leonard, founder of a famous Connecticut grocery store chain, died Wednesday at the age of 93. The businessman died of a “temporary illness” while hospitalized at Lenox Hill Hospital. “Yesterday my father died holding my mother’s hand at the age of 93 and a half. They were married for 70 years. I knew this […]

New York City elderly woman accused of pickpocketing in East Harlem grocery store

A 75-year-old New York City woman has been arrested after surveillance cameras caught her pickpocketing an East Harlem grocery store. Michelle Chacon of Corona, Queens, was arrested and charged with grand theft after the incident. Victims believe Chacon worked with and distracted two young women. The victim, who spoke to FOX 5 New York on […]

Alabama lawmakers looking to end sales tax on food as grocery prices soar

Diane Swonk, chief economist at KPMG, said it’s important to remember that rapid rate hikes could exacerbate market vulnerabilities. Lawmakers in Alabama are considering eliminating or phasing out the state’s 4% sales tax on food. Alabama is one of three states that tax groceries at the same rate as other purchases. Competing proposals to eliminate […]