Massachusetts is spending $64 daily to feed each migrant: Report

According to the published report, Massachusetts spends about $64 per day on food for each immigrant seeking asylum in the “sanctuary” state. W.B.Z. on friday.

The news organization’s team has secured a variety of immigration services vendor contracts, including 17 contracts for hotel and motel lodging, totaling more than $116 million, for fiscal year 2024, which ends in June.

Republican Sen. Peter Durant of Massachusetts told WBZ that lawmakers are seeking more information from Democratic Gov. Maura Healey’s administration about immigration-related costs. According to Durant, they have been “blocked” by the administration for “the better part of a year.”

In addition to collecting taxpayer funds for accommodation, some hotels are also paid to provide migrants with three meals a day. Contracts obtained by the news organization revealed that some hotels charge $16 for breakfast, $16 for lunch and $31 for dinner. In other words, the country is paying $64 per day for each illegal immigrant.

Massachusetts is the only state in the nation with a right-to-shelter law, which requires all homeless families to be provided with a place to stay with a refrigerator and basic cooking facilities. Some shelter accommodations do not have these devices, so the state contracts with companies to deliver food to migrants, WBZ reported.

Catering company Spinelli Ravioli Manufacturing Company was awarded a six-month no-bid contract from the state for $10 million, according to documents obtained by the news organization.

The East Boston company told WBZ, “As a licensed state vendor, Spinelli’s was contacted early in the crisis. We are not an exclusive meal vendor and have no guarantees beyond this initial emergency period. “We don’t have any contracts or financial agreements in place. We don’t have any contracts or financial agreements in place.” We are currently in the bidding process for a permanent contract and look forward to continuing to support the state and the Department of Housing and Communities in achieving their goals. ”

The Massachusetts Department of Housing and Livability said awarding the contract without a bid was justified given the unprecedented demand and the urgency of the immigration situation. The catering company’s contract expires at the end of March.

Durant noted that shelter and food costs are only part of the cost of the state’s ongoing migrant crisis.

“MassHealth costs and education costs,” he added. “The concern is that the money has to come from somewhere, so really he has only two options: either raise taxes or cut services.”

Durant said the cost of providing services to immigrants would go “straight to the taxpayers.”

After Healey State announced in November that the state’s shelter system was at capacity, some Boston residents began welcoming undocumented immigrants into their homes.

Healey’s administration came under fire for closing a recreation center in Roxbury, one of Boston’s poorest neighborhoods, and turning it into a temporary migrant shelter. Many of those currently housed in temporary shelters were sleeping on the floor of Boston’s Logan Airport.

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