Migrant Crisis Grows in Arizona Border Sector — 19K Apprehensions in One Week

The Biden administration's Arizona border crisis continues to escalate into an “unprecedented influx” of migrants crossing the border from Mexico. During the first week of December, Tucson area officials arrested approximately 19,000 immigrants. Tucson District Patrol Chief Agent John Modlin posts a weekly update on X, revealing his agents have arrested 18,900 immigrants who illegally […]

Biden’s Ukraine Aid Plan Hides a Migrant ‘Magnet’

President Joe Biden's request for $106 billion in emergency military aid to Ukraine and Israel includes a hidden magnet for increased immigration that exposes American communities to more poverty, drugs and terrorism threats, Republicans say. the senators said. “When I saw this emergency appendix… [we found it] We continue to facilitate the large-scale migration we […]

1,000+ ‘Unmarked Graves’ on EU Migrant Routes

report of guardian Newspaper reports about the growing phenomenon of unmarked graves across Europe highlight the extraordinary dangers migrants are placed in at the hands of ruthless smugglers who profit from human suffering and empty promises. The report says large numbers of migrants are being buried without identification across Europe, with large groups being buried […]

Federal judge bars separating migrant families for 8 years

A federal judge on Friday blocked the federal government from separating families solely as part of border enforcement policy for the next eight years, blocking a potential return to 2018's short-lived zero-tolerance policy. The decision was made as part of a settlement between the then-separated families and the Department of Justice. The American Civil Liberties […]

Boston-Area Schools to Receive Migrant Children after Families Housed in Local Hotels

The superintendent of a Massachusetts school district has sent a letter to parents warning that children of illegal border crossers will be enrolled in the school after state authorities confined dozens of immigrant families in a nearby hotel. . In a letter to parents, Bridgewater-Raynham Regional School District Superintendent Ryan T. Powers said in a […]

Migrant crisis smashing new records amid fresh surge at southern border

The ongoing migrant crisis at the southern border is setting new records, with multiple records set since September as the crisis deepens into its third year and Washington struggles to agree on a solution. has been established. The latest record was broken on Tuesday when more than 12,000 migrants were encountered at the southern border. […]

Arizona Border Surge Results in Mass Migrant Releases into United States by Biden Admin

TUCSON, Ariz. — Breitbart Texas observed a steady stream of crowded buses transporting migrants from Border Patrol processing facilities to the Casa Alitas Migrant Welcome Center in Tucson. As each bus carrying migrants released by the Border Patrol arrived at the center Wednesday, a simultaneous stream of buses, taxis and tour vans transported the newly […]

Biden Admin Deploys Elite Border Patrol Units to ‘Babysit’ Arizona Migrant Camp

LUKEVILLE, Ariz. — As hundreds of migrants brave frigid desert temperatures, members of the elite Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC) and highly trained rescue team (BORSTAR) help keep the peace and provide much-needed assistance. were dispatched to support the provision of medical care. Lukeville, Arizona. Migrants are being held in outdoor camps while awaiting transfer […]