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Massachusetts launches $1 million taxpayer-funded campaign warning of ‘dangers’ of pro-life pregnancy centers

Massachusetts Democratic leaders have announced the nation’s first public education campaign to warn about the “dangers and potential harm” of pro-life pregnancy clinics.

The Department of Health and Human Services said the rollout would begin on June 10 across social media, radio, billboards and transport warning women to “avoid anti-abortion centres.” Advertisements attract viewers to a Mass.gov webpage advertising how to “find a trusted abortion provider.”

“The nuisance actions of anti-abortion centers undermine the trust Americans should have in our health care system,” Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll said in a statement June 10. “Education and accurate information will help counter the misinformation and unethical tactics these centers use to prey on people at a particularly vulnerable time.”

The pro-abortion campaign was a joint effort between the Department of Public Health and the pro-abortion advocacy group Reproductive Equity Now Foundation. The campaign was funded through “a $1 million investment passed by the Massachusetts General Assembly as part of the fiscal year 2023 supplemental budget.” In the announcement.

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Massachusetts has launched an ad campaign warning of the “dangers” posed by anti-abortion clinics. (Massachusetts Department of Public Health/Commonwealth of Massachusetts)

According to the release, there are more than twice as many pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) as abortion clinics in Massachusetts.

The clinics, which typically offer free testing, baby supplies, counseling and other support to women with unplanned pregnancies, say they provide education and resources to explore alternatives to abortion so women can make informed decisions about their pregnancies.

Massachusetts Health Commissioner Dr. Robbie Goldstein blasted the clinics, saying they were “masquerading as legitimate health care providers.”

“Every day Massachusetts residents visit anti-abortion centers where these facilities pose as comprehensive medical providers, unaware that they are posing serious risks to the health and well-being of people seeking help, support and choices,” Massachusetts Health Commissioner Dr. Robbie Goldstein said in a statement. “As a physician, I find this kind of deception and misrepresentation intolerable, and as Commissioner I feel I must push back as hard as I can against these shameful practices and blatant misinformation.”

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The Massachusetts government has argued that pro-life pregnancy clinics are “dangerous” to women. (Lennon Pregnancy Center)

Pro-life clinics say they don’t offer abortion procedures or referrals and accuse Democratic states of playing a political role to silence their voices.

A bill introduced in the Massachusetts state legislature seeks to regulate advertising by pro-life pregnancy centers. It would allow clinics found to have deceived women by making “false” statements about pregnancy-related services to be fined up to $1,000, at the discretion of the attorney general, who is tasked with determining whether false statements have been made.

“This bill engages in blatant viewpoint discrimination, targeting the pro-life PRC for its statements. Abortion Clinic FreedomA memo from the conservative nonprofit Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) stated:

In 2022, then-Attorney General and now-Governor Maura Healey issued a “consumer warning” against pregnancy support centers after receiving just three consumer complaints, according to pro-life groups that obtained the information through public records requests.

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Fox News’ Brianna Herlihy contributed to this report.