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Massachusetts launches $1 million taxpayer-funded campaign warning of ‘dangers’ of pro-life pregnancy centers

Massachusetts Democratic leaders have announced the nation’s first public education campaign to warn about the “dangers and potential harm” of pro-life pregnancy clinics. The Department of Health and Human Services said the rollout would begin on June 10 across social media, radio, billboards and transport warning women to “avoid anti-abortion centres.” Advertisements attract viewers to […]

Most downloaded news app in America with ties to China highlights dangers of AI

NewsBreak is one of the most downloaded news apps in the U.S., with over 50 million monthly users. However, Reuters reports that the company spreads misinformation through content generated by artificial intelligence (AI). The report also notes that NewsBreak has roots in China, its technology is maintained in Beijing, and it is funded by Chinese […]

‘Dangers of Biden’s energy policies’ shredded in internal House GOP election memo

First appeared on FOX: According to an internal House Republican memo obtained by Fox News Digital, President Biden’s energy policy will be a major challenge for Republicans as they seek to maintain their majority in November. The 175-member Republican Study Committee, led by Rep. Kevin Hahn (R-Okla.), sent committee members a list of talking points […]

AI whistleblowers warn of dangers, call for transparency

A group calling itself “current and former employees of Frontier AI” [artificial intelligence] They called for greater transparency in the industry and protection for whistleblowers. letter Tuesday. “Absent effective government oversight of these companies, current and former employees are the few people who can hold the companies accountable to the public,” the letter reads, “but […]

Financial dangers of store credit cards can be 'severe,' expert warns – Fox Business

Financial expert talks about ‘profound’ impact of retail credit cards: ‘There are so many strings attached’ Nearly every store offers rewards credit cards for customers, but not all of the offers translate into big savings — and one personal finance expert warns that these offers are often a “catch-up” for long-term problems. “For consumers, it’s […]

Vaper who required double lung transplant warns others of dangers of e-cigarettes

Minneapolis – Sales of e-cigarettes are on the rise, and it is mainly young people who are hooked on e-cigarettes. Data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that 18 to 24-year-olds are the most likely to smoke e-cigarettes, but 9% of 11- to 15-year-olds say they regularly smoke e-cigarettes. . […]

The FDA can’t get its story straight about reducing tobacco-related dangers

FDA Commissioner Robert Califf faced a tough situation recently. hearing Before members of the House Oversight Committee. From contraceptives and infant formula to COVID-19 treatments and regulatory actions by the Center for Tobacco Products, the session covered a wide range of FDA actions, or primarily the lack thereof. It may have been a long afternoon […]

Fake Botox claims, puberty blocker dangers and more led top Health news this week

Fox News Digital will publish a series of health stories throughout the week to provide information on a variety of health topics, including access to health care, innovative surgeries, cancer research, and mental health trends. To do. We also feature personal stories of people and families who have overcome illness. A big obstacle. Check out […]

Baltimore bridge workers’ deaths highlight dangers of essential jobs

The apparent deaths of six road workers on the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore have spotlighted the risks associated with essential work, especially for low-income and immigrant workers. An eight-man construction crew was on the scene early Tuesday on a night shift repairing the road when the 1,000-foot container ship Dali crashed into the […]