Matt Gaetz Primary Opponent Aaron Dimmock Discussed Using ‘Diversity And Inclusion’ To Achieve ‘Equity’

Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz’s primary opponent, Aaron Dimmock, discussed using “diversity and inclusion” to achieve “equity” during a 2020 interview, according to audio reviewed by the Daily Caller.

A newly uncovered podcast episode features audio of Dimmock discussing the use of a “diversity and inclusion survey” to achieve “pay equity” at a client of the firm he worked for, Chapman and Co.

“[At] Chapman and Co. Leadership Institute, recently a few of our team members had the opportunity to conduct a diversity and inclusion survey, and then go in and have that conversation with the executive leadership team of this particular client. And based on the findings and that conversation, they ended up becoming aware of a pay disparity between some of their employees,” Dimmock said on the podcast.

“And literally — it wasn’t overnight, but after continued conversation, and figuring out what that could look like — now they have pay parity and pay equity throughout their organization,” he continued. “It was a blind spot for them. They didn’t necessarily see it. The D&I survey brought on the conversation that enabled them to actually enact a decision and make change.”

The Caller first reported that Dimmock has previously shown support for Black Lives Matter (BLM) and for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in past social media posts.

“People should be paid based on their performance, not their race. What begins as DEI Dimmock’s ‘diversity survey’ ends with pay and promotion being tied to something other than merit. This is wrong. If Aaron Dimmock wasn’t living in Missouri, he’d know Northwest Floridians reject this nonsense,” Gaetz told the Caller.


Dimmock shares a treasurer with American Patriots PAC, a group founded by allies of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy and Gaetz have been engaged in an intense public feud since Gaetz helped lead an effort to oust McCarthy from the speakership last year. (RELATED: Matt Gaetz Gets Primary Challenge From McCarthy-Aligned BLM Supporter)

The Caller contacted Dimmock’s campaign about the podcast appearance to which a spokesperson said: “Matt Gaetz’s desperation oozes out of every baseless claim he makes as he attempts to distract voters from his disastrous tenure in Congress. The voters of this district are going to have a clear choice in August: a true conservative outsider with a history of service to country or a desperate career politician who will say anything to hold on to power.”

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