Michigan server Linsey Huff fired after $10K tip refused to rat out staffers, lawyer claims

A Michigan server who received a $10,000 tip claimed he was fired for not reprimanding a co-worker who complained about not being paid and that the owners threatened to sue “the entire state.” her lawyer said.

Lindsay Huff (also known as Boyd) collected a huge tip of $32.43 from customers when she visited the Mason Jar Cafe for a friend’s funeral earlier this month.

An anonymous man who left information now circulating on the internet in honor of his deceased friend asks service staff to split $10,000 into chunks as eight servers left with about $1,200 each Was.

However, the kitchen staff at the Benton Harbor restaurant felt this generous gift was ignored.

Lindsey Hough claims she was fired from the Mason Jar Cafe after drama unfolded inside the restaurant with kitchen staff who felt disrespected after not receiving a portion of her $10,000 tip. . WSBT-TV

Disgruntled backroom staff became furious with Hough for not receiving tips of around 31,000%, and drama soon unfolded, causing problems within the staff.

Hough reportedly went to management to try to calm down the disturbance, but her bosses wanted to know who was causing the trouble.

Defense attorney Jennifer McManus said Lindsey Huff said, “I’m not going to reveal their names… because I don’t want to cause a big problem.” With Guardian. “I would like some help in solving this problem.”

An anonymous customer left a $10,000 tip on $32.43 in honor of a friend who was attending a funeral in the area. Mason Jar Cafe/Instagram

McManus claimed the restaurant fired the customer because he did not want to reveal the identity of the angry colleague.

After her firing, the divorced mother-of-two reportedly took to social media to reveal the drama that ensued to the point where management asked her to take that Sunday off as a mental health day. Detroit Free Press, He cited a now-deleted Facebook post.

Hough also said he was asked to take Monday off, and then asked if he was told not to return as a professional.

She was fired over the phone that Tuesday.

“In one week, I became such an amazing, hard-working employee and amazing mother…I couldn’t have asked for a better human being,” Hough’s post said. “Right now, I’m unemployed for the first time since I was 15.”

Hough received a call from the Mason Jar manager who told her the restaurant had hired a lawyer and would sue her if she didn’t delete the Facebook post.

McManus said the threat was enough for Huff to delete the post, that he was “genuinely” documenting his termination, and that the restaurant’s threat included suing for “all assets.” He claimed that he had been

“She kind of laughed. [at that] And I said, “Well, good luck, I’m a waitress.” There is no real estate here,” Mr McManus told the Guardian.

Cafe owners Able Martinez and Jamie Cousins ​​disputed the claims, saying Huff’s firing was “purely a business decision.”

The cafe’s management was outraged by Huff’s post about her firing, and refuted her claims, saying her firing had nothing to do with the tip-off and was “purely a business decision.”

“I can tell you it had nothing to do with the tip. She took the tip in full, but didn’t pay taxes on it (the company did). Yes, she was the guy who left the tip. We shared tips as requested,” Martinez and Cousins ​​said. he wrote on Facebook.

“We truly value our staff,” the post added.

McManus criticized the restaurant owner for firing Huff, citing a rift between food service managers and employees.

Mason Jar Cafe in Benton Harbor, Michigan, claimed the firings had nothing to do with the tip-off and were “purely a business decision.” Mason Jar Cafe/Facebook

“The people with the money control the narrative, and the people who work for them understand that, and they often have to hunker down because of it,” McManus said. He told the same media.

McManus said she would only represent the former waitress if the restaurant decided to follow up on their threats and sue Huff for damages.



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