Tony Bobulinski’s Lawyer Slams Jamie Raskin’s Effort To ‘Smear And Defame’ His Client In The Press

A lawyer representing Hunter Biden’s former business partner sent a letter Wednesday to House Oversight and Accountability Committee Ranking Member Jamie Raskin, saying the congressman had “defamed” his client through the press. He accused her of trying to “defame his reputation.” Ruskin wrote on Tuesday: letter mock Tony Bobulinski’s action inside Interview on February 13th […]

In Life Or Death, Alexei Navalny Will “Influence History”: Lawyer

Last week, Russian authorities announced that Alexei Navalny, 47, had suddenly died in an Arctic prison. Paris: Olga Mikhailova, Alexei Navalny’s top lawyer, paid an emotional tribute to the late Russian opposition leader on Wednesday, saying that whether alive or dead, opposition leaders “have no influence on history.” “I will give you that,” he said. […]

Trump lawyer Alina Habba on NY fraud verdict: ‘They will not get away with it’

Former President Trump’s lawyer Alina Haba on Friday slammed the judge’s recent ruling in the former president’s New York civil fraud trial. “[T]Hey, you can’t escape that.” Haba Said on Fox News’ “Hannity.” “We’re going to go to them and fight tooth and nail and literally fight until the truth comes out. Nothing was wrong. […]

Venezuela closes UN human rights office days after detaining lawyer | Venezuela

The Venezuelan government has ordered the local UN human rights office to cease operations and given its staff 72 hours to leave work, accusing it of promoting opposition to the South American country. Foreign Minister Ivan Gil announced the decision at a press conference in Caracas on Thursday. Gil’s announcement came on the heels of […]

Trump lawyer Alina Habba on New York fraud verdict: ‘I don’t have high hopes’

Former President Trump’s lawyer Alina Haba has cast doubt on the outcome of the New York civil fraud trial against the former president, saying her client will be dissatisfied with the verdict expected on Friday. “If I could appeal now, I would,” Haba said. Newsmax Wednesday interview. “There are no surprises here.” “I’m going to […]

Who is Ashleigh Merchant, lawyer in Trump Georgia case

Ashley Merchant never stops running. That frightens and troubles Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis. A “rogue” criminal defense attorney from Georgia, 46, who says he runs marathons in his spare time, will be the centerpiece of a hearing in Atlanta on Thursday, where former President Donald Trump and 18 other This could completely change […]

Lawyer Thomas J. Henry throws $3 million Super Bowl bash

Texas lawyer Thomas J. Henry spent an estimated $3 million lavishly flying his friends and staff to the Super Bowl. The personal injury lawyer, who is known for throwing lavish parties with big-name performers, hired two private jets to fly to Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII for a friend, and the Four Seasons I […]


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