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Migrant accused in Times Square cop beatdown is exonerated

A 22-year-old immigrant accused of taking part in the infamous mob attack on two police officers in Times Square was mistakenly identified and “exonerated,” prosecutors announced Friday.

The Manhattan prosecutor’s office has dropped the case against Joan Boada, who was initially charged with assault in the Jan. 27 brawl that led to the arrest of seven other immigrants.

“After a thorough and diligent investigation, Joan Boada was exonerated as a party to this assault,” the district attorney’s office said in a statement.

Instead, prosecutors announced they had identified and charged the suspect, initially believed to be Boada.

“Our investigation revealed that the person described in this complaint wearing the black and white jacket and pink shoes was Marcelino Esty, not João Boada, who committed this assault. “The prosecutor’s office said.

Joan Boada was acquitted by prosecutors after she was mistakenly identified as one of the immigrants who attacked police in Times Square. Stephen Hirsch

“Marcelino Esty was charged with participating. We are therefore moving to dismiss this charge against João Boada.”

Boada’s lawyer has strongly denied any involvement by Boada in the riot, which erupted when one of the officers tried to detain a migrant who refused to proceed on West 42nd Street.

Surveillance camera footage showed officers grabbing the man and leading him towards the building before all hell broke out as the migrants tried to flee.

Shocking video showed a group of men shouting at officers and kicking and punching two New York’s Finest members to the head and body.

Investigators said Boada, a man wearing a black and white jacket and pink shoes, was seen on video repeatedly kicking officers as they struggled on the sidewalk.

He was arrested two days after the attack, but appeared in court the next day without posting bail and faced news cameras as he appeared in court.

Investigators believed the man wearing a black and white jacket who was seen kicking the officer was Boada. DCPI

“[Boada] If you look at the videotape, you won’t see him there,” defense attorney Javier Damian told the judge at Boada’s arraignment.

“He was not involved in the situation at all.”

The other seven immigrants, Yoenly Brito (24 years old), Yoman Rebellon (24 years old), Ulises Bohorquez (21 years old), Wilson Juarez (21 years old), Kelvin Servato Arrocha (19 years old), Darwin -Andres Gomez-Izquiel, 19, and Yarwin Madris, 17, were charged in connection with the attack. .

Boada showed the bird to reporters after he was released without bail last month. Stephen Hirsch

The brutal assault caused an uproar in the city.

“You want to know why our police officers are being assaulted? There are no consequences,” NYPD Sergeant John Chell said last month. “Eight people attacked two police officers. Cowards.”

Boada was charged with attempted assault on a police officer. Stephen Hirsch

The incident has also sparked calls for their deportation, with Gov. Cathy Hochul telling reporters, “Please take them all back and send them back.”

“Don’t touch our police officers. Don’t touch anyone,” she said.