Missouri college professor and her four kids killed in ‘suspicious’ house fire

A woman who was once named Missouri’s Teacher of the Year died along with her four children in a house fire that was deemed “suspicious” with evidence of criminal activity.

Community college professor Bernadine “Birdie” Prusner with her children Millie Spader, 2, Jackson Spader, 5, and twins Ellie Prusner and Ivy Prusner, 9. He was found dead. Reported by St. Lois Dispatch.

They died in a fire that ripped through their Ferguson home around 4:30 a.m. Monday. Three dogs also died, but numerous rabbits, chickens and cats survived, officials said.

“The smoke was so bad,” said Jerry McClure, a neighbor who called 911. “They tried to kick in the front door. We couldn’t wake them.”

Authorities labeled the deadly fire “suspicious” after finding signs of unspecified criminal activity. St. Louis County Police Sergeant Tracy Panas said only that “evidence on the premises” made the cause of the fire suspicious, but did not provide further details.

St. Louis Area Bomb and Arson detectives are assisting with the investigation and a search warrant was obtained for the family’s van. Fox 2 Now reported.

Prusner’s father, Cordell Beach, said he spent Sunday night with his “amazing” daughter and “very bright” grandchildren.

Missouri professor Bernadine “Birdie” Prusner and her four young children were found dead after a house fire that was deemed “suspicious.” gofundme

Neighbor Jamie Young recalled being overwhelmed as he hugged his grieving father and grandfather.

“He said to me, ‘That’s my daughter and my four grandchildren,’ and I just…my heart goes out to him,” Young said. informed KSDK of the beach. “I’m crying with him right now. All I could do was pray for the family.”

Ms. Prusner works as an assistant professor in the child development department at Lewis & Clark Community College and was completing her doctorate in early childhood education at Beach. He spoke to reporters after being dispatched to St. Lois..

Authorities said they found evidence of criminal activity at the scene. KTVI
Bomb and arson, community crime and crimes against persons investigators searched for clues. KTVI

One of her colleagues, Nick Jones, said she was “very innovative” and passionate about her work, adding: “It’s about providing access and opportunity to students who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to study. “And I’m on the front lines here at Lewis & Clark.” here.

“She was a wonderful woman,” he said.

Prusner received the Missouri Teacher of the Year Award from the National Commission on Recognition of Teachers of the Year in 2013, KSDK reported.

She is also the author of a book on education called “Making it Montessori,” the newspaper said.

Prusner died along with twins Ellie and Ivy Prusner, 9, and Jackson Spader, 5, and Millie Spader, 2. Facebook / Birdy Deauville

Parkway School District spokeswoman Kathy Kelly confirmed to KSDK that Ellie and Ivy are fourth graders at Mason Ridge Elementary School.

About 14 rabbits, three chickens and two cats survived the fire, according to police and the Ferguson Animal Coalition, the paper said.

Investigators applied for a search warrant for the family’s van. AP
Prusner was remembered as a “wonderful woman” and a beloved educator. KTVI

The group’s Dara Ashby said the animals were in another part of the property, away from the flames.

“The animals were very happy, had food and water, and I know the owner. She loved them dearly. So I decided to do something to help her animals. I’m glad I was able to help in some way,” Ashby told KSDK.

“This is a tragedy for our community. She was a wonderful person, she loved children, she loved her family, she loved animals. She was just a treasure to our community. So this is a huge It’s a loss,” she said.

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