Model Corinna Kopf Thanks Joe Biden, Gavin Newsom After Her Home was Burglarized

OnlyFans model and Fortnite gamer Corinna Kopf shot at President Joe Biden and California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) after her home was reportedly ransacked by burglars in the Democratic-controlled city of Los Angeles. .

“Thank you, Gavin Newsom, honorable mention to Joe Biden,” Kopf wrote in a social media post, adding that fellow model Abigail Latchford’s Los Angeles home was burgled. I shared a video of the encounter.

police Said According to TMZ, Kopf’s Los Angeles home was attacked last week by burglars who broke through the glass. The model was out at the time of the incident, but received a notification that someone had broken into her cell phone.

By the time law enforcement arrived on the scene, the robbers were gone. It remains unclear what was stolen, and authorities told TMZ at the time of publication that Kopf still needed to go through her belongings to see if anything was missing.

Meanwhile, police are examining footage from Kopf’s home to see if there are any other footage taken around the neighborhood. The incident is still under investigation and no arrests have been made yet.

Last month, fellow model Abigail Latchford also had her Los Angeles home broken into, but unlike Kopf, the model was still inside when the three men broke in. report By TMZ.

The men who broke into the house by breaking through a large window in the backyard appeared to have been frightened by the sound of the alarm, and eventually escaped without stealing anything.

The incident was also captured on Latchford’s surveillance video.

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