Model kept clothes she wore during alleged Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs assualt: suit

The latest woman to come forward in connection with disturbing sexual assault allegations against music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs has kept her unwashed clothes wrapped in plastic bags for more than 20 years since the night he allegedly assaulted her. claims to have done so.

Crystal McKinney, a former model and television star from Georgia, claims Combs drugged her and sexually assaulted her in 2003. according to suitfiled in the Southern District of New York.

McKinney, who first rose to fame in 1998 at the age of 17 after winning MTV’s first beauty pageant show, “Model Mission,” was an up-and-coming model when he was invited to walk in a New York Men’s Fashion Week event in 2003.

Crystal McKinney accused Sean “Diddy” Combs of sexually assaulting her at his New York studio in 2003. film magic
McKinney kept the unwashed clothes that Combs was wearing the night he allegedly assaulted her in a bag, her lawsuit alleges. Instagram/Diddy

The then-22-year-old arranged a meeting with someone identified in the lawsuit only as a “designer” who told her Combs could help “advance her modeling career.”

According to the suit, the designer trimmed McKinney’s roots to look “platinum blonde,” arranged for her to get hair extensions, and dressed her in skimpy outfits to make her look more appealing to the rapper.

The suit said McKinney was wearing “a black leather coat with a fur hood, a translucent chiffon beige V-cut shirt, a fur-lined handbag, and jewel-encrusted jeans.”

“Due to the traumatic events that followed, Plaintiff wrapped her unwashed clothes from that night in plastic wrap and stored them in her closet,” the complaint states.

McKinney was taken to meet the rapper at Cipriani Downtown, where Combs, the designers and others were dining and drinking.

“Once seated, Combs engaged in a very public manner in which he approached Plaintiff in a sexually suggestive manner, which continued throughout the dinner,” the complaint alleges.

He told her she was “beautiful” and at one point whispered that she would “become a very successful model,” according to the complaint.

Combs explained that he was a major influence in the fashion world and the two exchanged phone numbers.

McKinney claims that Combs forced her to perform oral sex on him at a New York City studio in 2003. tv set
Crystal McKinney was an up-and-coming model when she met the rapper at a Men’s Fashion Week event in 2003. tv set

Throughout the dinner, Combs behaved seductively to McKinney, “glancing at her in a lewd manner” and repeatedly refilled her glass with wine. After the meal, Combs said he wanted to get to know her better and asked her to call him later.

They met later that night at his studio on West 44th Street in Midtown, where she discovered Combs and other men drinking and smoking marijuana. When offered booze and marijuana, she accepted. However, after she said she didn’t want any more, Combs pressured McKinney to continue drinking and smoking.

The complaint alleges that McKinney noticed that she was so intoxicated that she felt like she was “floating,” so he dragged her into a back room and began forcibly kissing her.

The mogul then forced her to perform oral sex on him, despite her protests.

“The plaintiff panicked and became ill during the assault,” the lawyers said.

The video shows Combs attacking his ex-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura, in a Los Angeles hotel hallway in March 2016. AP

Combs took her back to his studio, where she lost consciousness, and then, on the cab ride back to the designer’s apartment, she realized she had been sexually assaulted.

In 2004, McKinney attempted suicide after her modelling career “began to decline and then completely vanished” and she believed Combs had “blacklisted” her, but she is demanding a jury trial.

Since last November, Combs has faced multiple lawsuits, including one by his ex-girlfriend, Kathy Ventura, accusing him of rape, sexual misconduct and other crimes.

A video released last week showed Combs attacking Ventura in a Los Angeles hotel hallway in 2016. Combs posted an emotional apology video on Sunday, but Ventura’s lawyers later denounced the video, saying it was “more about himself than the many people he has hurt.”

In April, federal agents searched the tycoon’s California and Florida residences as part of an investigation by a Department of Homeland Security team dealing with human trafficking.

He has not been charged with any crime and denies the allegations.