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Elon Musk wins dismissal of $500M severance suit filed by laid-off Twitter workers

See what’s clicking on FoxBusiness.com Billionaire Elon Musk Former Twitter employees have won dismissal of a lawsuit they filed seeking $500 million in severance payments that Musk allegedly refused to pay them after he bought the social media company now known as X. U.S. District Judge Trina Thompson in San Francisco ruled on Tuesday that […]

Michael Cohen asks Supreme Court to revive Trump retaliation suit 

Michael Cohen is heading to the Supreme Court in his long-running battle with former President Trump. Cohen was once Trump’s fixer and loyal soldier before turning against his boss and testifying as the main witness in Trump’s criminal trial that ended in his conviction. asked the Supreme Court Revives lawsuits seeking damages for retaliation during […]

‘Empty suit Anti-Semite’: Rep. Cori Bush’s team duped by a fake anti-Israel X account

New York Post report A parody social media account called “Linda Goldstein, Chief Rabbi of the Gaza Strip” reportedly scammed another brigade member, this time pro-Palestinian Rep. Kori Bush. This development comes as Bush’s reelection campaignRabbi Linda GoldsteinThis is a fake X-account that deliberately posts anti-Israel sentiments to attract people ready to condemn the Jewish […]

Tennessee woman wins free speech suit over sign dissing Biden, Trump

Don’t take it off her lawn. Federal Judge This week’s ruling The court ordered the city of Lakeland, Tennessee, to pay back fines and fees it paid to the city, as well as $31,000 in attorney’s fees, after Julie Pereira argued that the sign she put up in her front yard to express disappointment in […]