Models pelted with garbage during Milan fashion show

A fashion show in Milan featured clothing models at which designers could have trash, including food and drink, thrown at them by audience members to simulate online commentary.

Designer Beate Karlsson has created a new line full of trash. AvavavuI am the creative director explains itself As an independent fashion house, we “pursue creative freedom driven by humor, entertainment, and the evolution of design.”

Creative freedom might be an understatement at Carlson’s recent show during Milan Fashion Week, where models were pelted with drinks, discarded food wrappers, and other trash on the runway. Ta.

The performance art was intended to simulate online trolling and an attempt to pre-empt any hate Carlson might face due to her clothing design choices.

“Hateful comments and internet trolls are part of modern culture,” the company’s statement said. “This show is an experiment in translating this verbal brutality into a physical space, and we hope to show that it doesn’t necessarily reflect reality.”

In addition to cups of coffee and the occasional can of coffee, the show also featured a steady stream of social media comments behind the models.

When the designers came on stage, there were comments like, “Wow, these are really bad guys, sorry.”

Other comments said: “That’s terrible” and “Who came up with this?”

Other comments included, “This is so bad,” and “That’s not fashion.”

However, it’s unclear whether the comments were genuine or if they were meant to simulate online comments the brand might receive. Given that some online handles were listed as “username1100” and “username3746”, it could be one or the other, or a mix of both.

Video posted X Photographers were seen surrounded by standing spectators who threw trash at models as they arrived at the end of the runway. At the same time, a generic industrial hip-hop beat played throughout the venue, setting the scene.

Designer Carlson wasn’t held to higher standards than his models, but when he appeared on the runway, following the designer’s tradition of closing a show, he had a pie thrown in his face by what appeared to be a staff member, and then ran off. outside the stage.

“As a metaphor for the hate that designers receive online, smearing high-end models with real trash and juice feels like the art world’s equivalent of hiring a whipping boy,” the blogger and stand-up comedian said. talk Francis Ellis said. “Sure, she got a pie in her face at the end, but it’s goofy, predictable, and delicious,” he added.

This wasn’t Carlson’s first foray into obscure performance art. At the 2022 show, which featured thigh-high fur boots, each model intentionally fell to the ground on the runway.

“I wanted to create a parody of a fashion show in keeping with the sadistic theme of this collection, and to represent the extreme superficiality of fashion at a time when so many people lie about their wealth at the risk of going bankrupt. ” she said at the time. , according to Stargazing.

Many of Avavav’s clothing can be described as follows: futuristic or kanye west style, featuring exaggerated all-black clothing that covers the entire body. The brand is huge, lizard style boots With separate toe hole.

While Carlson’s message isn’t particularly bad, it’s certainly difficult to tell if her brand’s entire purpose is to mock the fashion industry as a whole.

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