Trend watch: striped shirts | Fashion

a A blue and white striped shirt may be the most useful item for summer. Smart enough for cocktails, wear it half-tucked into tailored Bermuda shorts with flat sandals or slingback heels, layered over a swimsuit at the beach, or layered with jeans and a necklace for a cool, casual look. You can also. Size […]

Last Words Of Israeli Fashion Stylist Found Dead In Gaza

Amit Baskira was a fashion stylist and social media influencer with a passion for cooking (File) The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) recently recovered the body of Hamas hostage Amit Bouskira from the Gaza Strip and brought it back to Israel for burial seven months after his death. Her last words, “I love you,” were heard […]

A Fashion Question about Tattoos

What’s the dividing line between fashionable and unfashionable tattoos?   Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So is fashion. Being neither beautiful nor fashionable, I have a burning question:  At what point do tattoos go from being fashionably attractive to being unfashionably ugly? I need to know in case I ever decide to […]

Fashion designer, 50, found dead with scarf around neck in NYC home: sources

A Brooklyn-based fashion designer was found dead inside her home this week with a scarf wrapped around her neck, police officials said Friday. Svitlana Indelicato, 50, who has designed handbags as well as scarves and pashmina shawls, said her husband found her in a room in their Bensonhurst home on 80th Street near 16th Street […]

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Returns with Glamor, the Runway and the Famed Wings

After bowing to woke critics and canceling its once-popular fashion show, lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret is bringing it back with all the glamor and famous angel wings. The company made the announcement on Instagram, telling fans it is “hearing” calls for the return of large-scale production runway shows. “We read the comments and heard what […]

Suit up for the stars: SpaceX’s new era of space fashion

SpaceX is ushering in a new era of more than just launching rockets. space Exploration with state-of-the-art extravehicular activity (EVA) suits. As we prepare for the first-ever private spacewalk in 2024, let’s take a closer look at this innovative device. A space where fashion and functionality are fused Bridging the gap between style and practicality, […]

Employees Slaving 75 Hours a Week for Chinese Fashion Giant Shein

In a 2021 report, Swiss-based human rights organization Public Eye accused Chinese fashion giant Shine of requiring employees to work excessive overtime. Public Eye published a follow-up report on Sunday stating that “illegal working hours and piecework wages remain typical features of the daily lives of the workers interviewed.” “The ultra-fast fashion company, which is […]

Zendaya refuses to wear these 5 fashion labels, according to stylist Law Roach

He is making laws. Zendaya’s longtime stylist Law Roach has made changes to the ‘Challengers’ star’s wardrobe after he initially refused to dress Zendaya’s ‘fashion soulmate’ early in her career. He blacklisted the “big five” fashion houses and kept “all receipts.” In an episode of the Fashion Podcast:cutting room floorMs Roach, 45, said Chanel, Dior, […]

NYC anti-Israel camp at Fashion Institute of Technology cleared, protesters arrested

An anti-Israel encampment at Manhattan’s Fashion Institute of Technology was cleared Tuesday evening after dozens of protesters were arrested for refusing to shut down the gathering. Just 10 minutes after announcing that anyone who did not leave the West 27th Street campus would be charged with trespassing, hundreds of NYPD officers wearing riot helmets and […]