More Republican Members Willing to Force House Vote for Ukraine Aid

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pennsylvania) said Tuesday on CNN’s “The Lead” that more Republicans are willing to help push through a bipartisan border and foreign aid bill. Ta.

Anchor Jake Tapper said: “So, Congressman Fitzpatrick. Are there any other Republicans who will join us? This is, as Congressman Golden alluded to, bold for you to do, brave for you to do. Funding for Ukraine. Are there any other Republicans willing to work with you around Chairman Johnson to force a vote on the provision?”

Mr Fitzpatrick said: I actually talked to some people last night. ”

He further added, “And I don’t necessarily mean to portray Jake as circling around anyone. This just adds pressure points. You know, politics is very tough and the Republicans in the House “It’s a two-vote difference, the Democrats have a two-vote lead in the Senate, and it’s a very tough, existential issue, and it’s a moment-of-the-moment issue.”

Mr. Tapper said, “You say you’ve talked to Republicans who are willing to sign the discharge petition. Can you name any of them?”

Fitzpatrick said, “No, I’d rather not. Out of respect to them, I’ll keep our conversation private.”

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