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More women come forward to accuse wealthy Alexander brothers of rape: attorney

Following two explosive lawsuits alleging that the Alexander brothers, wealthy real estate heirs, raped two women several years ago, roughly 30 more alleged victims have come forward with similar allegations, according to the plaintiffs’ lawyers.

“I’ve spoken to about 15 people who say they were raped by Brother Alexander. One of them was [brother] “Over 1,000 men were sexually assaulted at various times in New York City, South Beach and other parts of the state,” attorney Evan Torgan told The Real Deal, which first reported the lawsuit.

In 2015, talented twins Oren and Aron Alexander attended legendary NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon’s retirement party in Miami. Aaron Davidson

Turgan later told The Washington Post that he had doubled the number of cases because more women were coming forward with similar stories about Oren and Aron Alexander, 36-year-old twins from Miami Beach, Florida.

“I talk to new victims every day,” Tolgan said.

It’s the latest development in a shocking saga of the brothers’ sudden downfall, which began last weekend when The Real Deal reported on an accusatory lawsuit filed by alleged victims Kate Whiteman and Rebecca Mandel.

According to court documents, the billionaire brothers are accused of committing heinous acts that are “extreme and outrageous to the point that they are cruel and unacceptable in a civilized society.”

Whiteman alleges in her lawsuit that the brothers kidnapped her in 2012 and took her to a Hamptons party venue in Water Mill, Long Island, owned by Ivan Wilzig, a banking heir and now a recording artist, dressed in flamboyant capes and other attire.

There, the brothers dragged her into a large bedroom where she was “sexually assaulted, abused, raped, restrained, groped, harassed, beaten and fondled by Defendants Aaron and Oren.”

The twins enjoyed some patriotic fun at Sir Ivan’s Castle in the Hamptons on July 3, 2011. Stephen Henry
Dozens of women have come forward with new allegations against the brothers, according to lawyers for the plaintiffs. Matthew Payton

In the second lawsuit, Mandel, who was just 18 when she met the twins at a now-closed club in the Meatpacking District in 2010, alleged that Aron had slipped drugs into her drinks, according to court documents.

The brothers then lured her to their apartment under false pretenses, where they raped her, according to the complaint.

“I am proud of what we’re doing here,” Torgan added in a statement to The Washington Post, “and proud of all those who have come forward with their stories, especially Kate Whiteman and Rebecca Mandel, who have been so brave.”

Aron and Oren Alexander and Oren Alexander attend the 22nd Annual Watermill Center Summer Charity Auction. Patrick McMullan
“Sir Ivan” Wilzig performed at a lavish birthday party at his posh Long Island home in 2016. Gerrit Clark
Kate Whiteman claims she was assaulted by the Alexander brothers at Sir Ivan’s Castle in 2012. Gerrit Clark

The Alexander brothers’ lawyer, Jim Ferraro, denies the allegations and calls the lawsuit a blatant financial ploy.

“I am confident that this issue will be resolved. [their] “I support this allegation because there is a large body of compelling evidence, including phone records, text messages, emails and other documents, that clearly refutes these allegations,” he said in an earlier statement to The Washington Post.

But Ferraro did not respond to further requests for comment, including inquiries Wednesday.

Oren Alexander celebrated the reopening of The Lowry, a Rosewood Hotel and Residences on May 8, 2024 at The Carlyle in Manhattan. Darian DiCiano/BFA.com/Shutterstock

Despite the denials, it’s already having a tangible effect on at least one man.

On Tuesday, one of the brothers stepped down from the company he co-founded due to allegations that were described as “deeply disturbing” in internal company emails obtained by The Washington Post.

The lawsuit was filed under New York State’s Adult Victims Act, which allows alleged victims of sexual assault to seek justice regardless of when the assault occurred.

So far, no one else has filed lawsuits against the twins, who live in Miami Beach and come from a real estate dynasty led by their father, Shlomi Alexander.

However, The Real Deal’s Instagram page is said to be filled with comments from accounts claiming to have been attacked by the Alexander brothers, or to know someone who has.