MSNBC host bashes Fulton County attorney in Fani Willis hearing: ‘Is this the best the DA’s team has?’

MSNBC host Katie Toole on Friday criticized Georgia State Attorney Adam Abate’s performance on behalf of embattled Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis, saying it was the “best” the county could have done. I asked him if it was.

A Georgia judge on Friday heard closing arguments arguing that Willis’ romantic relationship with special counsel Nathan Wade was financially profitable and should disqualify her from election interference lawsuits against former President Trump. went. Abate said efforts to remove Willis amounted to harassment.

Several news outlets reported on Mr. Abate’s halting speech during the hearing. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was one of the news organizations that pointed out that he: “Long silence and cessation of answers “He sometimes had trouble answering questions from Judge Scott McAfee,” he said, even suggesting that Willis at times “seemed eager to get on stage and discuss the issue himself.”

Mr. Toole spoke to legal expert Melissa Redmon about the ongoing case that is distracting from Mr. Trump’s legal predicament, noting that Mr. Redmon himself was a deputy Fulton County prosecutor.

MSNBC host Katie Toole. (MSNBC)

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“What strikes me…is that this lawyer is painful to watch,” Toole said. “I mean, as a layman, he’s kind of hard to watch. Is this the best way for the DA’s team to show us?”

Redmon claimed that Abate was a “very good lawyer” and said that as far as he could remember, he had primarily worked on murder cases.

“I don’t know if this is something he’s used to presenting when you talk about these sensitive arguments,” she admitted.

Redmon then pointed out that there may be different tactics depending on the type of exam.

“I think it’s common for the whole team to get together and flesh out what the strongest points are, which examples to cite, and how to present the argument. ” she began.

Fanny Willis, Nathan Wade

Willis, the district attorney for Fulton County, Georgia, previously said the accusation that she had an “inappropriate” romantic relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade was made because she is black. (Getty Images)

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“However, as a trial lawyer, I think you have to be very disciplined and resist the temptation to highlight weaknesses in the defense’s case and advance their plans,” Redmon said. “Rather than take the defense’s bait and start the argument with the defense’s counterargument, instead of letting yourself settle down, say what you want to say and say, “By the way, judge, here’s what they said.” Please tell me the reason.”

At one point, Abate accidentally called Willis “Ms. Wade” before correcting Willis, confusing her last name with her ex-lover’s last name.


Fox News’ Brianna Herlihy contributed to this report.