NATO risks World War III in Ukraine — while lining the defense industry’s pockets

First, no one seems to care about the truly alarming news. With each passing day, the war in Ukraine moves closer to triggering a nuclear attack.

Earlier this week, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. once again waved the flag of alarm over this pending debacle. Post: “The situation in Ukraine is on the brink of a catastrophic escalation. Do the military imperialists in Washington and their vassals in Europe have any idea of ​​the danger they are posing? conducts foreign policy as if it were a game of “chicken.”

Kennedy is nightmarishly right. This is a point I have emphasized many times on this site. Whether it’s the actions of the Biden administration or the actions of the United Kingdom, France, and other countries, it appears that some in the West are emboldening Vladimir Putin and Russia to do the unthinkable. why?

Leaving aside the always flexible arguments such as “We must unite against Putin,” “We must save the Ukrainian people,” and “We must protect NATO,” here we will discuss other forces. is also working. First of all, it’s money.

It is really sad to report that for those who are trying to “save the people and infrastructure of Ukraine” before getting there, they have failed. Most media outlets seem reluctant to report certain facts in this country, but this is true. Hundreds of thousands of men, women and children have been killed or injured. Much of the country’s infrastructure was reduced to rubble. And more than 6 million Ukrainians have fled the country. Those encouraging Ukraine to fight to the last citizen from the comfort and safety of their offices thousands of miles from the battlefield need to come up with a more convincing case.

Now, let’s get back to talking about money. Towards the end of April, President Biden signed yet another aid package to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. This amounts to a total of $95 billion. But as he used to say in his late-night commercials, “Wait, there’s more.”as report Last month: “Ukraine and the United States are working on a long-term security agreement.”

How long is “long term”? according to According to venture capitalist and podcast host David Sachs and others, “long term” equates to about 10 years and costs more than $1 trillion.

For many defense contractors in our country and Europe, Ukraine has clearly become the gift that keeps on giving. But when does the never-ending supply of taxpayer money start to resemble “fraud, waste and abuse”? Hundreds of millions of dollars have already been funneled into various rat holes in Ukraine with no accountability whatsoever? Some people might say that now, since it has disappeared.

Second, when will the billions of dollars of aid poured into Ukraine begin to resemble the world’s largest pyramid scheme? One of the oldest definitions of fraud is a form of fraud that pays profits to previous investors with funds from recent investors. Except in this case, the “older” and “more recent” investors are not doing so of their own volition. Various governments are making decisions on their behalf to transfer billions of their hard-earned money to Ukraine or perhaps to criminal enterprises.

The disagreement in this case might sound like this: “We have to send hundreds of billions of American taxpayers to support Ukraine now, so we don’t have to send in U.S. troops later.” Hey, who in the world is going to send those troops to Ukraine? Will he order a battle?

Returning to Kennedy’s warning, we now appear to be engaging in a nuclear “chicken” game with Putin and Russia over Ukraine, without seeking anyone’s approval. At least insane arrogance.

As RFK Junior Posted: “British Foreign Secretary David Cameron recently said that Ukraine has the right to use British weapons to attack Russia. In return, Moscow told the British ambassador that such a thing could not be done in London. The New York Times warned that it would provoke Russian retaliation. report Last week, the United States announced that it had secretly shipped ATACM missiles capable of striking deep into Russian territory to Ukraine. It is no coincidence that Russia announced exercises using tactical nuclear weapons.

Does it make your blood run cold? It should.

Not a single expert I’ve talked to over the past two years believes that Ukraine can win this war. It is long past time to blow the whistle on pyramid schemes, end the nuclear “chicken” game, and enter into a negotiated settlement.

At some point, Putin will definitely get tired of the game and run headlong into oncoming traffic. So what will be the literal fallout from that explosion?

Political and communications consultant Douglas McKinnon served as a writer in the White Houses of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, and served as special assistant for policy and communications at the Pentagon during the last three years of the Bush administration. served as

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