Nebraska governor calls for legislature to reinstate ‘winner-take-all’ electoral system

Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen (Republican) approved The state is scheduled to switch to a “winner-takes-all” system of electoral votes on Tuesday, a change that would put the state in line with other regions and could significantly tilt the 2024 election.

Only Nebraska and Maine allocate Electoral College votes by district. In most elections, Republicans win two of the state’s votes and Democrats win one, but the third vote is a close contest.

State legislators are measurement Mr Pillen supported introducing a winner-take-all system in January.

Pillen said the bill would “bring Nebraska in line with the other 48 states, better reflect our nation’s founding intent, and ensure our states have a unified voice in presidential elections.” “I call on Republicans in Congress to bring this bill to my desk and sign it into law.”

The Nebraska Freedom Coalition, a conservative activist group, applauded Pillen’s announcement, adding that it believes the announcement will be brought to the Legislature for a vote “soon.”

“Thank you, Governor Piren!” the group called out. Post to X, formerly Twitter. “As always, it comes down to securing her nifty R vote. Let’s do it!”

If the bill goes into effect for the 2024 election, President Biden could lose electoral votes. Former President Trump won about 58% of the vote in Nebraska in 2020, meaning the Republican candidate will win all of the state’s electors in a winner-take-all system.

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