LA Mayor Floods City’s Metro System With Cops As Fatal Stabbings Plague Commuters

Democratic Mayor Karen Bass of Los Angeles ordered a massive deployment of police officers to the city’s Metro system following a wave of stabbings, the Los Angeles Times reported. The high-profile stabbings left a 66-year-old woman dead in one incident, while another incident involved a bus driver who was left begging for help, according to […]

Dutch to Get ‘Strictest Migration System Ever’ as Populist Forms Govt

The Netherlands will finally have a right-wing government voted for by the people and the strictest border controls in the Western world, with veteran populist and Islam skeptic Geert Wilders agreed to form a coalition partner. Geert Wilders, who has faced threats to his life from Islamists and has lived under strict 24-hour police protection […]

NYC spends billions more on shrinking school system: analysis

The New York City public school system has received billions of dollars in additional funding since 2020. Despite the fact that the number of students enrolled decreased to nearly 100,000 during that time, Analysis released Wednesday will reveal. The Department of Education’s per-student spending for K-12 schools is expected to reach $39,304 in the upcoming […]

Meta’s AI system ‘Cicero’ beats humans in game of Diplomacy by lying: study

MIT experts say artificial intelligence systems are learning to lie to humans, and Meta’s AI stands out as a “master of deception.” Cicero, touted by Meta as “the first AI to play at a human level” in the strategy game Diplomacy, was successfully trained by the company to perform extremely well, ranking in the top […]

European Union endorses sweeping overhaul of migration system

As election campaigns across Europe intensify, European Union countries have backed major reforms to the region’s asylum system. EU government ministers have approved 10 legislative parts of the new Migration and Asylum Pact. Hungary and Poland voted against the package, but were unable to block it. European Union countries on Tuesday backed sweeping reforms to […]

Kavanaugh on rebuilding trust in judicial system: ‘Consistency builds respect’: Reports

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh said Friday that “consistency breeds respect” when it comes to trust in the U.S. judicial system, according to the Washington Post. “An individual’s decision does not have to be popular. …The loser must respect the decision,” Kavanaugh said. Said at Friday’s judicial conference, the Post reported. “Consistency breeds respect,” Kavanaugh […]

How the US financial system helps shelter profits from environmental organized crime

Environmental organized crime is a massive global enterprise that brings in hundreds of billions of dollars each year, and the U.S. financial system appears to be helping to hide its profits. Interpol estimates that environmental crimes such as poaching and illegal logging generate up to $281 billion annually, making it the third most lucrative illegal […]