New Lead Reopens Search for Afghan Girl Missing in Texas for Two Years

San Antonio police and the FBI have resumed the search for a 3-year-old Afghan girl who went missing in December 2021. Investigators launched a new search this week after receiving a tip from an undisclosed source.

Breitbart Texas reported that Lina Sardar Kir went missing in San Antonio on December 20, 2021. Lina Sardar Kir disappeared from a playground near her family’s apartment complex in northwest San Antonio, authorities said. At the time, Police Chief William McManus told reporters, “At this time, we are not treating this as a kidnapping. We are treating it as a missing person.”

The search for Kill continued for more than three weeks, with investigators searching nearby streams and other areas within miles of the girl’s home.Kill moved to the United States from Afghanistan in 2019 and lived in an apartment complex in San Antonio, Fox 26 Houston report.

New information this week led to renewed search efforts in the area of ​​the Helix Apartments where she lived, KENS CBS5 report. Police said they had also received other information over the past two years that led to further search operations. The public was not informed of these previous searches.

“This is not the first time we have conducted this type of search,” Officer Ricardo Guzman of the San Antonio Police Department told the CBS affiliate. “In today’s case, it was a public place and a resident called in because they were concerned about why the police were there.”

Early Thursday, officers were seen searching the area behind the apartment complex where Kill went missing. Investigators with shovels and her search dog found her about a mile from her home (KSAT 12) report.

“We treat this information that we receive as seriously as any other information. As we have for the past two years, we are doing our due diligence and following up on every piece of information,” Guzmán told reporters. He told the group.

Pamela Allen, a local child advocate, told reporters that police were using a type of X-ray machine used to find bodies underground. Allen said San Antonio police met with Kill’s family Wednesday night before beginning the search.

KSAT reported Allen’s comments about the meeting:

Today was a long and informative meeting with SAPD and FBI. At this meeting, information was presented on behalf of Lina Sardar Kir, a missing girl from Afghanistan who was abducted here in San Antonio. It was intense and still made my heart clench. In conclusion, we are still no closer to discovering Lina. As I sat next to Rias, I could feel his displeasure. There are so many emotions running through the hearts of this family. I can’t believe how some families have the courage to live every day without their children.

Mr Allen added that Ms Kill’s father, Riaz Kill, was “very frustrated”.

KSAT added:

Anyone with information is asked to contact SAPD at 210-224-7867 or the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI.

crime stopper is offering a reward of up to $55,000 for information leading to the arrest or indictment of the suspects suspected of being involved in the disappearance.

bob price He is an associate editor and senior news contributor for Breitbart’s Texas Border team. He is an original member of the Breitbart Texas team.Price is a regular panelist on Fox 26 Houston What is your point? sunday morning talk show.He is also the president of blue wonder cancer care products.



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