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NFL insider hints at Aaron Rodgers’ location amid Jets absence

NFL source Albert Breer appears to know where Aaron Rodgers disappeared to this week after avoiding the Jets’ mandatory two-day minicamp.

“The best answer I can give right now with any degree of confidence is that he’s in a place where he hasn’t earned the trust of the other guys in the locker room, but that’s to be expected and it wouldn’t be unexpected for him,” Breer said of Rodgers’ unknown whereabouts. “So I think you guys should keep an open mind and be open to all the possibilities. He’s been known to open his mind at times.”

Robert Saleh said Rogers’ location was an event that was “very significant to him.”

Aaron Rodgers was conspicuous by his absence from the Jets’ two-day mandatory minicamp this week. Bill Costloan/New York Post

NFL officials speculate he may be at an ayahuasca retreat in South America or Europe.

The four-time regular season MVP’s whereabouts have not been confirmed, but neighbors in Cedar Grove are searching for him, likening him to a seldom-seen mythical creature.

“He’s the Sasquatch of Cedar Grove!” he joked. Dave Fletcher, owner of Cedar Beans Coffee Joint A Hail Mary pass from Rogers’ $9.5 million glass mansion on Pompton Street. “Who do you think we’d catch on film in Cedar Grove?”

FS1’s Colin Cowherd and The Athletic’s Deanna Russini both confirmed that Rodgers was traveling internationally.

Russini added that the quarterback “didn’t want to change the schedule.” [the vacation] “About Jets practice.”

The quarterback is rumored to be vacationing in Europe or South America.
The quarterback is rumored to be vacationing in Europe or South America. Bill Costloan/New York Post

Many of Rodgers’ Jets teammates, including Breece Hall, DJ Reed and Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, defended Rodgers’ absence.

“Are you really going to make a big fuss over a 15+ year Hall of Fame QB missing two days of practice when he was with the team through phases 1, 2 and 3 of OTAs? GG” Gardner Post to X Wednesday night.

Still, the team reportedly plans to fine Rodgers for missing minicamp.

“They told him they couldn’t let him get away with that, because, again, that’s a way to maintain trust in the locker room,” Breer said of how the Jets are handling Rodgers’ decision to miss minicamp. “You can’t do something to one guy, much less a lower-ranked guy, that you wouldn’t do to another star player on the team, right?”