NFL prospect Tyler Owens doesn’t ‘believe in space’ or ‘other planets’

The NFL Combine produced some interesting comments from some of the participants this week.

Texas Tech defensive back Tyler Owens and Illinois tight end Tip Lyman may take the cake. Both players espouse their own beliefs, which are fairly vague, and some people take them seriously.

Owens said in an interview with reporters that he does not believe in the universe or “other planets,” as seen in a video posted by Brent Sobleski from the Indianapolis combine.

Owens also added that he researched the Flat Earth conspiracy theory and felt there were some “valid points” to it.

Owens’ comments did go viral on social media, but they may pale in comparison to statements like: Made by Rayman.

Texas Tech defensive back Tyler Owens (DB58) speaks to the media during the 2024 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Trevor Rashkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Lyman was a member of the “Birds Are Not Real” movement.

“Have you ever seen a baby pigeon?” Lyman said Thursday. “How do we know that power lines are not charging stations for pigeons?”

The Birds Are Not Real movement is a satirical conspiracy started by Peter McIndoe and created on a whim in 2017.

The rationale is that the birds are actually government-planted drones that are spying on us all, but the joke is that no one in this movement actually believes that and it’s all a bit That’s part of the story.

Texas Tech's Tyler Owens competes in the East-West Shrine Bowl NCAA college football game on Thursday, February 1, 2024 in Frisco, Texas.
Texas Tech West’s Tyler Owens will play in NCAA college football’s East-West Shrine Bowl game on Feb. 1 in Frisco, Texas. AP

in 2021 New York Times InterviewMcIndoe said the movement was a “ridiculous” effort to fight madness and insanity.

Some people online took the comment a little more seriously, but it’s likely Lyman was in on the joke.

At the very least, both Owens and Lyman gained additional attention while the entire football world is trying to better understand the potential of the future pro players selected in April’s draft in Indy.



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