‘No Better Friend to Israel’ than Biden

The White House issued the statement after Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) gave a speech to the Israeli Congress in which she criticized President Joe Biden for halting arms shipments to Israel.

White House Press Secretary Andrew Bates issued a statement in response to Stefanik’s speech. pointing Biden was reportedly the “first American president” to visit Israel “during wartime.” hill.

Bates added that “Israel has no better friend” than Biden.

“He was the first American president to visit Israel during wartime, in the aftermath of the horrific October 7 terrorist attacks, and ordered the U.S. military to protect Israel from foreign attack,” Bates said in a statement. He was the first president to do so.”

Stefanik’s speech comes weeks after the Biden administration halted ammunition shipments to Israel, and Biden said in an interview with CNN that if Israel moves forward with its invasion of Rafah, the last U.S. stronghold, This came after it said it would withhold artillery and other weapons from Israel. -Designated Islamic terrorist organization Hamas.

President Joe Biden holds a press conference after an Israeli solidarity visit in Tel Aviv, October 18, 2023, as fighting continues between Israel and the Palestinian organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip. (Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images)

between her speech To the Israeli parliamentarian, also known as Rep. Stefanik, he said:

As long as it serves the American people, I will defend George Washington’s vision of religious pluralism and freedom. Today, this means crushing anti-Semitism in the country and providing the State of Israel with what it needs, when it needs it, without conditions to achieve complete victory in the face of evil.

The death cry for America is not an empty slogan. Their promise is that what happened here on October 7th can happen in the United States unless Hamas and his jihadist accomplices are eliminated. And it is America’s great honor and great responsibility to support Israel’s efforts. I’ve been very clear at home, and let me be clear here: There is no excuse for an American president to block aid to Israel. Aid formally passed by Congress. There is no excuse to ease sanctions on Iran, pay a $6 billion ransom to the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, or lie low and hide while our friends fight for their lives. No excuses — full stop.

Stefanik went on to note that he has sponsored and supported “all measures proposed to the U.S. Congress in support of Israel.”

“And that is why I have been a key supporter and partner of President Trump for years in his historic support for Israel’s independence and security,” Stefanik added. “This includes moving the U.S. Embassy to its rightful location in Jerusalem.”