Nurse helping Americans in alleged Bahamas attack was ‘scared’ by what she saw

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Warning: Images with references to sexual assault allegations

A nurse on vacation who came to the aid of two American women who reported sexual assault at a Bahamian resort said the scene she entered was “enough to scare me.”

LaDonna Batty was at the bar with her husband when “someone came running around the corner yelling, ‘Will you come help me? Will you come and help me?'” and led them to the resort’s front office. Batty said.

Inside, Amber Shearer and Dongueira Dobson’s swimsuits were torn and looked “out of place”. Lifelong friends cried, vomited and were covered in bruises as they slipped in and out of consciousness. arkansas nurse he told Fox News Digital in a Zoom interview from the clinic Wednesday.

Ms Shearer said they had been raped and that she had been raped repeatedly, but Ms Batty said: “I can’t believe what happened. The girls were being assaulted and hurt. … This is a terrible situation.” “I know it’s going to be pretty bad,” he said. Quickly. “

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Amber Shearer and Dongueira Dobson were allegedly sexually assaulted while on vacation to the Bahamas. (Amber Nicole Shearer/Facebook)

Batty didn’t know either woman. They were “Girl 1 (Dobson) and Girl 2 (Shearer)” while she was treating them. It was pure coincidence that Batty was on the same cruise and on the same trip to Grand Her Bahama Island’s Pirate Her Cove Resort.

That’s where Shearer and Dobson, lifelong friends from Kentucky, were allegedly drugged with laced cocktails and assaulted by two resort staff members, then fired and arrested.

Dobson’s mother, Frankie King, said in a previous interview that the women were found unconscious in the bathroom and were given heart-stopping messages telling them to “call me now because they’ve been drugged.” He told Fox News Digital that he received the message. And then I was raped.

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Neither survivor remembered anything or how they got to the resort’s front office. That’s when Batty appeared.

“Just by looking at them, I knew something had happened to them,” Baty said. “We found out that they had been assaulted in some way.”

Although she didn’t have many tools for the job, she checked their vitals and noted any injuries or bruises covering their legs. Shearer was a little more alert than Dobson, her nurse said, and tried to get as much information as possible to help with her treatment.

LaDonna Batty

LaDonna Batty, an Arkansas nurse who was at the same resort as the two American women who were allegedly raped, spoke to Fox News Digital from her clinic. (Chris Everhart via Zoom/Fox News Digital)

Bruises for Amber Shearer

The women reportedly suffered bruises on their bodies as a result of the assault. (Amber Nicole Shearer/Facebook)

While treating the women, Baty said he watched surveillance footage that resort employees were watching to find the possible attackers, which they did, and the men. He said he took him to the front office so the women could identify him as the alleged attacker.

After they saw him, “things escalated,” Baty said. “They were scared. They immediately started crying, getting louder and scared. When we took him into the room, they were shaking even more.”

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In a statement, the Bahamian resort called Pirates Cove in Freeport refuted Shearer and Dobson’s accusations, saying the women’s claims were “contradicted” by the resort’s 16 “time-stamped surveillance videos.” “There is,” he claimed.

Batty saw the comment and it was retracted.

“I don’t understand why they would pick apart their story,” she said. “But I just can’t believe what happened to them.”

“That’s all I can say about what I personally saw when I walked into that room. I could tell by the way they looked and acted that something had happened. They were completely beaten up.” ”

amber shearer and dongueila dobson

Amber Shearer and Donguila Dobson said they were given drug-infused drinks before being allegedly sexually assaulted at Freeport Resort in the Bahamas. (Amber Nicole Shearer/Facebook)

Suspect: “He was leaning over and flipping through his cell phone.”

The Royal Bahamas Police Force announced in a statement on February 4 that it had arrested two men, aged 54 and 40, on suspicion of sexual assault. Their names have not been released.

Baty said she only saw one of the suspects, but his presence made the women shake and cry. Their emotions ran high.

However, she said the suspect appeared unfazed and “didn’t care at all when he was taken inside and saw the women.”

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After the survivor was suddenly shocked, recoiled and screamed, the man was taken outside and sat on the porch, “leaning back in a chair, playing with his cell phone,” Batty said, noting that someone was calling him. I pretended to be leisurely scrolling through my phone.

“He waited there like it was no big deal,” she said.

Pirates Cove said in a statement that both employees were fired for “violating[the resort’s]zero-tolerance policy” against employees becoming intimate with guests.

Pirates Cove Beach Bahamas

Two men have been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting two American women at Pirates Cove Beach in the Bahamas. (Roberto Machado Noah/Lightrocket via Getty Images)

The resort acknowledged the serious allegations and confirmed that the Royal Bahamas Police Force, in conjunction with the FBI, is leading the criminal investigation.

However, an official statement from the resort sought to quash the women’s accusations, handing over surveillance video to law enforcement.

Good luck continues at the airport

Batty said the incident became personal to her even though she didn’t know the women’s names.

The next day she looked for them but couldn’t find them. Dobson’s mother said it was a miracle she met him at the Florida airport after the cruise ship docked.

Both men said Batty urged them to look for Dobson and Shearer so he could personally check on them.

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“She saved all the information. She made notes and took care of them as if they were patients coming into her office or something,” King said.

“She was very kind. When we met at the airport, she made sure she gave them all the information. She called or emailed them every day to see how they were doing. I was checking.”

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“I don’t want to say I saved them…I’m just doing what I always do.”

In another interview, King praised Batty as a hero and could not thank him enough.

Ms Batty dismissed the incident, saying she had not “saved them” and was “doing what she normally does” as a nurse.


“I have three daughters and all I could think was that it could have been my daughters. I hope someone can help them,” Baty said. Told. “Those girls are somebody’s mother, somebody’s girlfriend, somebody’s wife, somebody’s sister, and somebody did something to them.”

fox news digital emily robertson contributed to this report.



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