NYC congregation is split on ‘tacky’ and grotesque depiction of Jesus’ crucifixion that some compared to pizza

A Christian congregation in Queens is in turmoil over a “cheap” life-size cutout of a bloody Jesus. Some compared the bloody Jesus to a “bad Halloween decoration,” while others likened it to a slice of pizza. new york post.

The cardboard cutout became a controversial topic at Our Lady of Grace Church in Howard Beach. The cutout reportedly appeared next to the altar last week, coinciding with the start of Lent.

But to some, the clipping seemed like a caricature of the Messiah.image appeared on facebookOne woman suggested to those who were planning to attend that they should consider visiting another parish this season.

“I am very offended by the grotesque cardboard cutout of a bloody Jesus at Our Lady of Grace Church,” a woman wrote in the original Howard Beach Dads group post, according to the report. wrote.

“Our children don’t need to see a nightmare version of Jesus when they go to church.”

Some in Italian society misinterpreted the depiction of Jesus’ deep wounds as cheese and tomato sauce.

Another Facebook user said: “I went to pick up the ashes on Wednesday…I thought they looked like a meat lover’s pizza slice.”

Another social media user suggested that the piece would not have angered some participants if it had been created by a more talented artist, writing on Facebook: I don’t think there will be any complaints. ”

However, not all comments were negative. Some attendees thought the cutout was meant to make people uncomfortable about what really happened before Jesus was crucified, and that children could learn from the picture. Some people suggested that.

“This is our religion. It happened,” one woman said.

Pastor Dominic Delaporte wrote on Facebook.[i]It’s not pretty, but [it] It will move us to grief, redemption, prayer, and most importantly, reconciliation. ”

Delaporte went on to say that cancel culture sought to erase what Catholics believe happened to Jesus.

“The culture we live in wants to cancel out what is unacceptable in our way of life, and we want to live in a society where it is better to change what we don’t want to see or hear. “We just want to avoid anything, and dear ones, nothing changes what was done then and is being done to our holy Lord,” Delaporte wrote. Ta.

“The sins we have committed as a human race are to try to change his appearance and what he went through, what he went through because of the outrageous crimes we committed against him and his beloved mother. Wouldn’t it be better to accept this as a test instead? To change our lives and the life of the world and make amends? In this Lenten season, we should open our eyes to the effects of sin against Christ. “That is what we see in the scourging of Christ: to continue to put forward: not what someone else did, but what we did, this very day, to offer our Christ.”

“We are called to recognize our sins, make amends, and truly change our lives. That is why the scourged Christ is before our dear Mother Mary. All the suffering she suffered was something she suffered in her heart.”

There is no indication that the church intends to remove the controversial depiction of Jesus.



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