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NYC councilman Yusef Salaam — one of the exonerated Central Park 5 — to chair committee overseeing NYPD

New York City's newly sworn-in City Councilman Yousef Salaam, one of the acquitted Central Park Five, will become chairman of the City Council committee that oversees the NYPD, according to City Hall officials. It's planned.

Salaam's appointment to the Public Safety Committee is expected to be confirmed Tuesday afternoon as Assembly Speaker Adrian Adams reshuffles the ranks of parliamentary committees in the new session.

Committee appointments typically reward loyal team players when it comes to party leadership and stick it to those who have proven difficult.

Former Public Safety Commissioner Camilla Hanks (D-Staten Island) will become chair of the Landmarks Commission, a clear demotion within the party, Post officials said.

Yousef Salaam, a new city council member, will become chairman of the City Council Public Safety Committee, which oversees the New York City Police Department. AFP (via Getty Images)
Yousef Salam (pictured in 1990) was acquitted of the infamous 1989 Central Park jogger rape. AP

“This is a complete slap in the face,” one City Council official told the Post, adding that the city was “hit hard” by the controversial “How Many Stop Act” bill.

Last month, the City Council required NYPD officers to submit detailed reports of every street stop they make, even low-level reports such as conversations with potential witnesses to a crime. passed a bill requiring it.

Hanks was pressured by Speaker Adams during the vote and faced backlash from police unions for supporting the bill.

Mayor Eric Adams and Republicans on the City Council asked Hanks to vote the bill down in committee before going to the floor for a vote, which ultimately passed 35-9.

After his primary victory, Salaam said he wanted a “smarter” NYPD. robert miller
Former Public Safety Commissioner Camilla Hanks has been demoted to the Landmarks Commission. Gregory P. Mango

Mr. Hanks sided with the speaker's office despite his hesitation in including “Level 1” stops, the lowest form of police stop, in the bill. Previously, police officers were only required to file reports in “Level 3” investigative stops, where the officer had “reasonable suspicion” to detain someone, or investigative stops involving an arrest. Ta.

Hanks' demotion was “punished for having an independent view on policing,” another council official said.

Mr. Hanks, who is involved in many of the city's land-use decisions, will remain on the Public Safety Committee rather than as chairman, party leadership sources said.

“It's more about leveraging strengths,” the official said, pointing to Salam's unique history with the criminal justice system.

Salaam, who was acquitted of the infamous Central Park jogger rape in 1989, is ready to work with the NYPD to keep Harlem's streets safe after winning the Rebel primary last year. He said that there is.

“Most people would think I'm pro-funding.” [the police]But the truth of the matter is we need police,” Salaam, 50, told the Post after his stunning victory.

Salaam stressed at the time that he wanted “smarter” police enforcement rather than “over-policing.”

Several other Democrats were also removed from committee positions in the redistricting process.

Kalman Jaeger (D-Brooklyn) was ousted from his position as chairman of the Standards and Ethics Committee.

Chi Ose (D-Brooklyn) of the Progressive Democratic Party, former chair of the Cultural Affairs Committee, and Tiffany Caban (D-Queens), former chair of the Committee on Women and Gender Equality, also benefited. received.

Keith Powers (D-Manhattan), who was abruptly ousted from leadership earlier this year, has stepped down as chairman of the Standards and Ethics Committee to become chairman of the Rules Committee.