NYC Latin Kings member arrested 9 times this year but keeps getting cut loose due to bail reform: sources

A Bronx gangster who arrested 10 people in a series of rampages this year is now free on the streets of New York City after being released without bail multiple times.

Emmanuel Santiago, 32, an alleged member of the Latin Kings, faces seven outstanding charges in the Bronx, including intent to sell dangerous drugs, grand theft of a motor vehicle, weapons possession and domestic violence charges. However, he continues to be handcuffed. For law enforcement personnel.

The brazen gangster was arrested as recently as December during a robbery in the Bronx, where he broke into a police car and took a gun belt, ammunition, a bulletproof vest, a riot shield and baton, mace, handcuffs, and what officials said was a radio. .

Officials say Santiago has been repeatedly released on temporary release despite a long list of charges, including at least 31 domestic incidents ranging from assaults on women to threats to kill.

Santiago continued to add to his criminal record after being re-arrested on a bench warrant for failing to appear in court.

He is just one of many repeat offenders in New York City who have been allowed to be released without bail since the Albany Legislature passed sweeping criminal justice reforms in 2019, but he has not been released from prison. However, he was soon handcuffed again.

Emmanuel Santiago, 32, has been arrested nine times this year and has seven open cases in the Bronx.

The law eliminated cash bail for most offenders other than felonies and misdemeanors and prohibited judges from considering the risk of putting someone back on the streets when setting bail. Instead, bail can now only be used as a means to ensure the defendant’s return to court.

“If this guy is who Albany had in mind when it came up with this bail reform, I think it’s going according to plan…advancement for ideology,” one outraged law enforcement official said. he told the Post.

“Albany and reformers think that simply not incarcerating criminals is defending criminal justice reform, but that is not the case, especially when criminals continue to commit the same crimes without taking any corrective action. If you wish to continue.”

Recent crime statistics for the Bronx show a sharp increase since the beginning of the year.

In the East Bronx, rapes jumped 175%, felony assaults jumped 18%, grand thefts jumped 70%, and total serious crimes jumped 27%, according to NYPD statistics.

Crime has skyrocketed in the Bronx since bail reform went into effect in 2020 to limit who is eligible for cash bail. christopher sadowski
The NYPD reported in early 2022 that nearly one-third of all crimes are committed by a surprisingly small group of people. Martin Raab –

Other figures suggest that repeat offenders are responsible for many crimes. Last year, the New York City Police Department reported that only 327 people were responsible for 30% of the city’s shoplifting crimes in 2022.

That includes repeat offenders who were arrested a total of 6,600 times, each more than 20 times.

Also, according to 2022 NYPD statistics, only 10 offenders recorded 500 arrests since bail reform went into effect in 2020.

“And that’s the real problem with recidivism. It’s not the number of arrests, it’s the persistent ideas and mindsets that ignore how society functions,” said a law enforcement official.

“This reform clearly does not treat known members of the Latin Kings as distinct from jaywalkers.”

The newspaper contacted the Bronx District Attorney’s Office and the State Courts Administration Office.