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NYPD taking a zero tolerance approach for NYC Israel Day Parade

The New York Police Department has no intention of endangering Sunday’s Israel Day Parade in Midtown Manhattan, ordering officers not to hesitate to arrest protesters who cross police lines.

According to an internal police memo obtained by The Washington Post, NYPD officers have been ordered to arrest anyone trespassing on the parade route, but are being careful not to infringe on protesters’ free speech rights.

“Any spectators attempting to enter the frozen area between the fences or proceed onto the parade route will be subject to immediate arrest for trespassing,” the memo said.

“No warning will be issued and officers should not wait for law enforcement officers to arrive.”

But the article adds that “if spectators convey offensive messages to parade participants or other spectators, this may be protected speech and not grounds for enforcement.”

The New York Police Department will be out in force at Sunday’s Israel Day Parade, with officers ordered to not hesitate to arrest trespassers. GNMiller/NYPost
The annual Israel Day parade celebrates the Jewish state, but this year it comes amid a surge in anti-Semitism in the city. Helaine Seidman

The parade is a traditional annual celebration of the Jewish state.

This year’s demonstration took place in a highly tense atmosphere in New York, which has seen an intensification of anti-Semitic attacks and anti-Israel protests since a surprise attack by Hamas terrorists on Israel on October 7.

The deadly attack prompted Israeli military offensives in the Gaza Strip, leaving thousands of Palestinians dead, many more homeless and hungry, and sparking protests, according to the United Nations.

Protests have taken hold on college campuses across the US, including Ivy League schools such as Columbia University and other colleges across the five boroughs.

The 2024 Israel Day Parade will be held under heavy security from the New York Police Department due to a surge in anti-Semitism since the Oct. 7 attacks. Helaine Seidman

The NYPD briefed its rank-and-file officers on safety measures to avoid putting them at risk.

Parade participants will be searched with metal detectors and backpacks, umbrellas, folding chairs, blankets, coolers and drones will all be banned along the parade route, according to an internal memo.

The department also prohibits the display of banners and large flags, but there is a disclaimer.

“With regard to banners or large flags, the only issue is whether they obstruct the view of others,” the memo warned, “regardless of the message of the banner or the meaning of the flag.”

Palestinian flags are commonly seen at anti-Israel protests and encampments, while Hamas terror flags have been spotted at some demonstrations.