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Oakland mayor facing ouster attempts to pin downfall on ‘right-wingers’ following FBI raid

For tens of thousands of Americans feeling lost in the crime-ridden city of Oakland, a breakthrough came on June 18: Far more signatures were collected than needed to put a recall of Democratic Mayor Shen Tao on the November ballot.

The FBI searched Thao’s home just days after he learned he might soon be held accountable for the rampant crime and destruction of the community he had overseen. according to According to ABC News, FBI agents eventually left the home with the box, but Participated Units from the Internal Revenue Service and the United States Postal Service arrived on the scene.

It is unclear why Tao’s house was targeted.
was suggested Mainstream reports have said Tao is under investigation for alleged public corruption. California Globe I got it. Another home searched in the area last week was the home of the owner of California Waste Solutions, which is being investigated by the Oakland Public Ethics Commission. Shown In 2020, it was discovered that he had illegally laundered campaign funds for then-Councillor Thao and several of her colleagues.

Instead of expressing humility or addressing the concerns of the recall candidates, Tao
Press conference Monday for the blame game.

I got it. After 15 people were shot during a Juneteenth celebration, “our city woke up to the news that the FBI had searched the home I share with my partner and family,” he said, suggesting the latter incident was of just as much importance.

Tao vowed to be “100 percent transparent” but declined to answer questions, insisting: “I have done nothing wrong.”

“I can say with confidence that this investigation is not about me. I have not been charged with a crime and I am confident that I will not be charged because I am innocent,” Thao asserted. “The timing of all of this is troubling and should concern us all.”

Tao expressed outrage that other officials had not been subjected to similar searches and suggested that if he had been, he would have been treated differently.
Wealthy Is it better than what she already has, or does she come from a wealthy family?

The current mayor
was suggested Despite having no base in Oakland, “there are a lot of radical right-wingers out there” who have somehow managed to “write the rules to protect and maintain their power and maintain their control over us.”

The empowered mayor also suggested it was a “waste of time” that at least 40,000 residents of the city of about 430,550 people want him removed from office.

“I won’t give in like that,” Tao said, fighting back tears.

Auckland United held their own press conference shortly after Tao’s press conference regarding Shen Tao’s return and questioned the mayor’s language and rhetoric.
report CBS News.

“She disappeared for days, refused to answer any questions from the public, blamed everyone, and…” said Seneca Scott, an organizer for the group. [and] She scapegoated the 41,000 neighbors who signed her petition.”

“Thao’s incompetence and dishonesty have accelerated Oakland’s decline, causing long-standing businesses to close and generations of families to move away,” the campaign to oust him said on its website.

Last year, the Athletics
continue The Raiders and Golden State Warriors were pulled from Oakland. Various companies ran away The city has deployed police or hired a small army of private security guards to deal with crime.

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