Ohio Senate hopeful on Biden’s East Palestine trip: ‘A day late and a dollar short’

Ohio State Senate candidate Frank LaRose (R) said President Biden’s recent visit to East Palestine, Ohio, after a 2023 train derailment that caused a toxic chemical spill, was “one day late. We don’t have enough dollars,” he said.

LaRose, who is running in the Ohio Senate Republican primary, doesn’t think Biden’s visit to East Palestine has changed the minds of local residents who suffered health and environmental consequences from last year’s derailment. .

“No, I don’t think so,” LaRose said during a Fox News appearance on Saturday. “He was a day late and short on money. Woody Allen, the famous liberal, said that 80 percent of success comes from showing up. So on Woody Allen’s rating scale, Biden would give him an F. I think we will get it.”

Ohio’s secretary of state, who visited the scene for the first time a year after the train derailment, is another Republican who followed Biden. Biden visited East Palestine on Friday. In his speech, Biden praised the perseverance of local residents in light of the incident and slammed the “corporate negligence” that led to the derailment.

“Listen, the president needs to be there to coordinate the response,” LaRose said. “Just a few weeks ago, when I was in East Palestine, I heard stories from people who are still living with the effects of this.”

LaRose is running in a competitive Republican primary against state Sen. Matt Dolan (R) and Bernie Moreno, a businessman backed by President Trump. The winner will face Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) in the November contest.

Former President Trump, who is likely to be Biden’s rival in the November election, has repeatedly criticized Biden for not visiting East Palestine. Mr. Trump visited this town in February last year.

“Biden should have gone there a long time ago. For him to go now is an insult to the people who live and work in East Palestine, and to the state of Ohio itself. There are people who want to put him there. Can you believe that?” Trump wrote in an article for Truth Social on Wednesday.

The White House has repeatedly noted that Environmental Protection Agency officials were on the scene hours after the Norfolk Southern train derailment, and that agents initiated door-knocking to check on the safety of local residents.

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