Oklahoma bill would ban ‘furries’ from school grounds

A proposed bill in Oklahoma would crack down on so-called “furries” attending school, requiring either parents or “animal control” to pick up students who violate the rules.

On Thursday, a report from Oklahoman We spotlighted House Bill 3084. This is one of the thousands of bills that have been introduced that have a remote chance of becoming law.

The bill, introduced by Republican state Rep. Justin Humphrey late last year, targets “furries,” which describes as “members.”[s] A subculture that specializes in art, writing, or costume depicting anthropomorphic animals. ”

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Oklahoma's bill would ban furries from attending schools. (Photo by Jens Kalaene/picture Alliance via Getty Images)

The bill states: “Any student who claims to be a fictional animal or species, or who engages in anthropomorphic practices commonly referred to as furries in school, shall not be permitted to participate in school curriculum or activities.” has been done.

“The parent or guardian of a student who violates this provision shall either pick up the student from school or contact Animal Control to remove the student,” the bill continues.

If passed, the bill would go into effect on November 1st.

Fox News Digital has reached out to Rep. Humphrey's office for comment.

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Two people wearing fur costumes face each other.

Oklahoma's bill would require “animal control” to pick up students who violate “furry” rules in the absence of a parent or guardian. (Jens Kalaene/Photo in partnership with Getty Images)


Oklahoma isn't the only state with a fur problem. Last year, the Florida Board of Education considered whether children should be allowed to wear “fur dresses” during a dress code meeting.

Under a law signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis restricting children's participation in “adult live entertainment,” no one under 18 will be allowed to attend a furry convention in Orlando.