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This week’s picks

one day

Dexter is an upper class man with the title Southerner. Emma comes from a working-class Northern background with a social conscience. On their last night at university in Edinburgh in 1988, they had an awkward but memorable one-night stand. Based on the hit novel by David Nichols, this romantic drama follows the journey through the lives of an awkward couple each year. It’s not a simple love story. The two click in a slightly counterintuitive way, and their mutual wariness means it looks like they’re destined to continue to slip through each other’s fingers… Ambika Mohd and Leo’s highly likable With the performance, there is a sense of wistful melancholy about youth receding. Woodall.
Netflix, from Thursday, February 8th

hot female summer

Hot Mess Summer recruits with Rylan. Photo: Amazon

Hosted by Rylan Clarke, this amusing yet infuriating reality show features eight of Britain’s most unattractive young people (‘I call myself one of the biggest players in Sussex’, says one creepily). ) was taken to the Greek island of Zante. They are told they are appearing on a reality show called “Party Summer,” but their dreams are shattered by the news that they will actually be working behind a bar. To make matters worse, they are nominated by friends who are fed up with their selfish and lazy ways and are told as such via video link. Cue the schadenfreude and very tentative character building.
Prime Video, starting Wednesday
February 7th

got married

Teenagerdom… (from left) Max Ainsworth, Dominic Murphy, Dylan Smith, Zach Douglas, Jake Kenny-Byrne. Photo: James George Porter/ITV

This lively comedy draws attention to the details of the situation (Jake Kenny-Byrne’s Christopher is a fish out of water, stranded in a frightening new environment) and the overall tone (a hilariously rude working-class The world of teenagers) both carry traces of Derry Girls’ DNA. It’s not quite as accomplished as Lisa McGee’s masterpiece, but it’s still charming enough thanks to its vibrant young cast. Most notable is Dylan Thomas Smith as Reese, a brash but charming delinquent whose attempts to befriend Christopher don’t always go as planned.
ITVX, from Monday 5th February

Dee & Friends of Oz

A familiar classic… Dee and friends from Oz. Photo: Netflix

This animation is a very loose spin-off of L. Frank Baum’s famous children’s book The Wizard of Oz, published in 1900, and follows Dorothy and her friends as they travel through the same magical world they visited. Masu. In this latest angle on a familiar classic, Dee and her little friends (the lion, the dog, the tin man…you know who they are) find entrance to a mystical land where many magical adventures and climactic quests ensue. The situation is depicted. Although its fresh depiction feels a little flashy, it may appeal to a few impressionable young minds.
Netflix, starting Monday, February 5th

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Rael: Alien Prophet

Cults and Controversies…Rael: Alien Prophet. Photo: Netflix

In 1974, an eccentric French journalist named Claude Volillon founded a new religion. Styled himself as Rael, he hypothesized that humans were created by an extraterrestrial species called the Elohim – conveniently the only ones with the ability to communicate. Our objective was obviously to take advantage of their technology and wait for Utopia to arrive. But as this wild twist in his series of documentaries shows, it was never that simple or calm. Raelism developed into a cult amidst controversy over sex, cloning, and various forms of domination.
Netflix, starting Wednesday
7 February


An uneasy truce… Halo’s Pablo Schreiber. Photo: Adrian Szabo/Paramount+

Spartans vs. Covenant Round 2: This gritty sci-fi returns with Master Chief John-117 (Pablo Schreiber) still holding the fate of the galaxy in his hands. Stylistically, Halo’s DNA comes from his 2001 first-person shooter, which alternates between impossible military perils and serious moral lessons. When we meet up with John, an uneasy truce prevails. However, disturbing news from another planet convinces the protagonist that something very bad is coming. Soon, John is sent on the most dangerous mission imaginable as humanity’s greatest stronghold is under threat.
Paramount+, starting Thursday
8 February

reindeer mafia

Dark and cold… reindeer mafia. Photo: Apple Plus

Expect blood to splatter on the pristine snow. The next foreign language drama from Walter Presents is a self-conscious, dark and chilly Finnish crime thriller set in the desolate and isolated environment of the Arctic Circle. It’s basically an all-or-nothing successor drama. When Brita Nelihanka (Lea Mauranen), the matriarch of the region’s most powerful crime family (the Reindeer Mafia of the title) dies, her relatives gather to hear the details of her will. But when shocking facts about the family’s history are revealed, battle lines are drawn with explosive consequences.
Channel 4, from Friday 9th February