‘Outer Range’ Drops Cryptic Trailer For Season Two

ONE Media dropped an insanely cryptic trailer for the second season of hit series “Outer Range” Monday.

Josh Brolin is back as the brooding Royal Abbott for a second season of the hit Western Sci-fi saga, which blew viewers mind with both the complex nature of the storyline but the overwhelmingly developed characters. With absolutely no weak link in the cast, nor the writing of each character, “Outer Range” is probably one of the best productions out there today.

But is this series really something more than just a fun way to watch cowboys grapple with the unknown?

Yes. “Outer Range” is more than just a Western Sci-Fi series. It’s one of the most enigmatic looks at the bizarreness of our physical world, the cosmos, and how we humans perceive the passage of time. And is time really linear, or do we live in a dimension of time that we can technically pass through?

Some physicists would say “yes.” And no other physicists could prove them wrong — at least not yet. (REVIEW: ‘Outer Range’ Is Off To A Very Strong Start)

If you could go anywhere in time, when and where would you go? This is a question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point in our lives. “Outer Range” forces us to think about how we would actually react if we could travel through time and alter the course of our own lives. So, what would you do?

“Outer Range” season two drops on May 16.