Pakistan ex-PM Imran Khan, wife, jailed for 14 years in graft case, his party says

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and his wife Bushra Khan have each been sentenced to 14 years in prison in a case related to the illegal sale of state gifts, the party announced on Wednesday.

His political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), said the sentence also includes disqualifying him from holding public office for 10 years.

According to PTI, Bushra Khan, popularly known as Bushra Bibi, was arrested immediately after the verdict.

The verdict by Islamabad’s anti-corruption court came a day after Khan was sentenced to 10 years in prison in a separate case in which he was found guilty of leaking state secrets and a week before national elections.

Khan’s media team denied the charges, saying, “Another sad day in the history of our country’s judicial system. The judicial system is being dismantled.”

“Cross-examination is not allowed, closing arguments are not settled, and the decision emerges as if it were a predetermined process,” the newspaper said, adding, “This ridiculous decision will also be challenged.”

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and his wife were sentenced to 14 years in prison on January 31, 2024 after being found guilty of corruption in a case related to gifts he received while he was prime minister, local media reported. AFP (via Getty Images)
Khan (R) and his wife Bushra Bibi before signing papers to post bail in various cases at the office of the Lahore High Court in Lahore, Pakistan, on July 17, 2023. Responded to media interviews. AP

Khan was also sentenced in August to three years in prison by a separate court for selling gifts worth more than 140 million rupees ($501,000) in state goods that he received during his tenure as prime minister from 2018 to 2022. was sentenced.

Wednesday’s verdict related to the same issue but followed an investigation by the country’s top anti-graft body, the National Accounts Bureau (NAB), in which his wife was also charged.

A member of the prosecution team confirmed the verdict to Reuters on condition of anonymity. Local broadcaster Geo News reported that the sentence also included a hefty fine.

Police personnel stand guard at the entrance to Adiala Prison after the trial of imprisoned former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in Rawalpindi on January 31, 2024. AFP (via Getty Images)

Khan’s initial three-year sentence was later suspended, but he remains in prison in connection with other cases. He said he had legally purchased gifts from the state.

Government officials claim that Mr. Khan’s close aides sold the gifts in Dubai.

Khan’s earlier conviction bars him from holding public office for five years and excludes the 71-year-old from the upcoming February 8 election.

But Wednesday’s ruling means he is ineligible to serve as president until he is 81 years old.

Khan has been convicted in two separate cases, but this is the first sentence against his wife, Bushra. The pair married in 2018, a few months before Mr Khan became prime minister for the first time.

This is Mr. Khan’s third marriage after being divorced twice.