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Parents can’t fully access their kids’ medical records after judge partially blocks parental rights law

Washington State Republicans
Initiative 2081The bill, called a “Parent’s Bill of Rights,” was overwhelmingly approved by the state Legislature earlier this year, with Democrats in both houses seemingly doing so knowing they could transform the bill in the next legislative session.

However, much to the chagrin of left-wing and other groups ostensibly intent on separating children from their parents, Republican state Rep. Jim Walsh’s Initiative 2081 became law on June 6th.

declare 15 rights that parents and guardians of children in public schools have, including:

  • Research the textbooks and teaching materials used in your child’s classes.
  • Examining public school records, including child health, academic records, mental health counseling, vocational counseling, and disciplinary records.
  • Except in the case of a medical emergency, you will be notified in advance when medical services are provided to your child.
  • You will be notified immediately if your child is removed or expelled from campus without authorization.
  • Have the assurance that their child’s school will not discriminate against them on the basis of their family’s religious beliefs.
  • Upon receiving written notice, they may decline any appointment with a student that includes questions about the child’s sexual orientation or sexual experiences, or about the family’s morals or political views.

Walsh stressed that the focus of all elements of the bill is on information.

“Custodial parents or guardians cannot remain in the dark about what their minor children are going through in life,” Walsh said.
Said Last month, parents were required to be informed: “We also need to inform parents about anything that’s going on at the school, anything that’s going on in the medical or mental health care field that’s connected to the school, or anything that affects minor children.”

Such natural rights,
Family is not like that The siege prompted legal action by a number of radical LGBT groups, ultimately represented by activist firms QLaw and Legal Voice, as well as the ACLU of Washington.

They filed suit last month to block the plan from going ahead, and this week a judge gave them a small victory.

In filing a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the law in Washington State King County Superior Court on behalf of various LGBT groups, two law firms and the ACLU of Washington said that students who secretly change their gender at school and “positive“If they get help from adults outside of their family, irreparable damage will be done.”

Adrienne Leavitt, an attorney with the state chapter of the ACLU,
Claimed“This bill was passed out of deception and confusion and, if implemented, will have life-changing, harmful effects on queer and transgender students.”

According to their complaint, the Parent Bill of Rights would “weaken, contradict or amend numerous laws that protect students’ rights to privacy, health care, education and a positive, inclusive school environment.”

On Friday, King County Superior Court Judge Michael Scott
Appointed Scott, who was appointed justice by Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee in 2018, temporarily blocked parts of the law, specifically a requirement that parents have access to all of their children’s medical and mental health counseling records and a requirement that school districts promptly turn over such records. report Washington State Standard.

But most of the Parents’ Bill of Rights will remain intact for the time being.

Judge Scott thought the plaintiffs had done enough to demonstrate harm and possible constitutional violations, but stressed that “it is not the place of this Court to decide whether that is good policy.”

In response to Scott’s ruling, Leavitt said:
statement It is not enough for parents to remain only partially ignorant.

“It is a student’s decision when and with whom to share their gender identity.”

“We are pleased that this ruling will prevent parts of I-2081 from causing further harm while we seek finality in this case. But this is not the end,” Leavitt said. “We will continue to fight this case in hopes of receiving a final ruling showing that this harmful law violates the state constitution and should not be implemented or enforced.”

On the other hand, Walsh
Shown The Seattle Times reported that he was “encouraged that the judge left most parental rights intact.”

Democratic State Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal While the court did not block the rest of Initiative 2081, it effectively stripped lawmakers of their power and suggested they intended to tell Washington school districts not to apply parts of the law.

“Until further clarification is received as to where this initiative conflicts with existing state and federal law, school districts should not make changes to any policies or procedures related to conflicting laws,” Reykdal said.
Said “When in doubt, school districts should follow federal privacy laws,” the statement said.

Reykdal also stressed in his statement that schools are not required to disclose to parents that their students cross-dress at school.

“Our state guidelines assert that to protect students’ privacy and safety, schools should communicate with students who identify as transgender or gender-expansive about their individual needs, preferences and safety concerns,” Reykdal continued. “It is a student’s decision when and with whom to share their gender identity.”

Brian Heywood, a businessman from Redmond who helped fund the effort to advance Initiative 2081.
was suggested Reykdal was actively “subverting democracy.”

“Washington state’s superintendent believes he is above the law and that the state knows better than parents what’s best for kids.”
Added Heywood. “He has to go in November.”

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