Open Records Request Filed to Reveal Trans Shooter’s Manifesto

Gays Against Groomers filed a public record request in an attempt to obtain a manifesto for transgender shooter Audrey Hale. The Metro Nashville Police Department has announced that it has recovered a manifesto following Hale’s fatal Covenant Christian Academy shooting. BREAKING: Gays Against Groomers have submitted an open record request for Audrey Hale’s manifesto in […]

‘Bank from China’ Voluntarily Gave Biden Records While U.S. Banks Won’t

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) said on Sunday that the Chinese-American-founded bank that facilitated many Biden family transactions voluntarily provided the Biden family bank records to Republican investigators. It revealed that. Cathay Bank, which has offices in the United States and the Communist Party of China, voluntarily provided 200 banking records from 2017 and 2018 for […]

‘He’s Just Going to Sell More Records’

Leaked audio from a recent Chris Rock performance showed the comedian comparing the arrest of former President Donald Trump to rapper Tupac, saying it would only make him “more popular,” adding, “He’s more popular.” We will sell a lot of records,” he added. “Are you really going to arrest Trump? Do you know this will […]

Trump legal team sues for NARA records to highlight alleged discrepancies in ‘highly politicized’ agency’s treatment of the former president versus Biden, Obama

Former President Donald Trump is currently in a legal battle on multiple fronts. He is preparing to begin his defense against what he calls a “patented political indictment” in Manhattan and charges brought by Democratic prosecutors in Georgia, but in a classified document story The legal team representing Trump is now on the offensive. fox […]

Trump lawyers demand NARA records to expose ‘highly-politicized’ documents probe of former president

Exclusive: Former President Trump’s legal team told the National Archives and Records Administration that it had sought to criminalize civil disputes over classified materials in the “unconstitutional and unprecedented weaponization of the Presidential Records Act”, a “highly politicized “It’s demanding documents they say will expose the agency.” Lawyers Representing Former Presidents in Special Counsel Investigations […]

GOP Lawmakers Launch Probe into Air Force Leaking Military Records

He also now serves in the New York National Guard and attempted to obtain records from the Army National Guard regarding Colin Schmidt, who had a conflict with Rep. Pat Ryan (D-New York). Politics. Jordan and Stewart wrote to Kendall: In late February 2023, media reports stated that [Office of the Secretary of the Air […]

‘It’s as bad as we thought’: House Oversight Committee zeroes in on China-linked money wires after subpoenaing 14 years of Biden bank records

Rep. James Comer (R-K.), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said Monday that significant progress has been made in the investigation into the alleged peddling of the Biden family’s international influence. In two separate interviews, Mr. Comer described how Hunter Biden’s former business associates are starting to flip, and how the Commission has questioned patterns […]

Employment Records Of Top Silicon Valley Bank Execs Raise Eyebrows

According to the bank’s website, two executives at the now-defunct Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) were previously senior officials at financial institutions Lehman Brothers and Deutsche Bank. Joseph Gentile is the Chief Administrative Officer of SVB. Before he assumed that position in 2007, he served as Chief Financial Officer. Global Investment Bank of Lehman Brothers According […]

GOP Oversight chairman subpoenas Hunter Biden associates’ bank records

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Kentucky) has issued a subpoena for bank records belonging to Hunter Biden officials. This news letter Rep. Jamie Ruskin (D., Md.), a prominent member of the Oversight Committee, sent Comer to express his concerns about the Commission on Presidential Ethics investigation. In that letter, Ruskin referred to “the extensive […]